Legends and Tales of the Pacific Northwest
Olde Mountain Media
"Everything your history teacher forgot to tell you." In the Pacific Northwest you’ll find dark forests, foreboding mountains, dormant volcanoes, unusual wildlife and a rich history of innovation. It’s a land of opportunity, and a territory of dreams. Visions of success, ambitions of entrepreneurship, and stories of triumph are everywhere. But what if I told you there was an unknown side to this vast land? What if I told you… your history teachers may have left out the good stuff? Legends and Tales of the Pacific Northwest is a show that dives into the mysterious… the forgotten… the untold truths... the mayhem. Everything from mining ghost towns, to explorers and local legends, this show tells what your history teacher forgot to, and will reshape your perspective. Take hold of your mental growth and do what millions of others have already discovered. Seize the day and take hold of your inner wellbeing. For 10% your first month of incredible online therapy, visit https://www.betterhelp.com/PNW or https://www.pridecounseling.com/PNWPOD for LGBTQIA+ support.
Legends and Tales of the Pacific Northwest
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