Immigration MIC
Immigration MIC
Feb 15, 2018
Maria Reyes from Oregon on Immigration MIC!
54 min

Welcome Maria from Oregon to Immigration MIC!

A DACA recipient from Mexico, currently residing in Oregon, and recently in DC advocating for DREAM Act Legislation - get to know this passionate young woman!

🔵 Her love for athletics, running, and other sports, and how those experiences shaped her as a person

🔴Growing up in a ranch in Idaho - and the very emotional retelling of her father experiencing abuse at the hands of his employers.

⚫️Moving high schools as a result, and the toll it took on their family.

🔵 Her struggles with depression/ anxiety, and her take on healthcare stemming from dealing with asthma and a running career ending injury.

🔴 Feeling “whitewashed” and how she didn’t understand the full benefits of DACA being announced as a result.

⚫️ Finding community at her university with other DACA recipients, and how it led her to become the activist she is today, though she was very hesitant/shy about to wanting to join at first.

🔵 Flying to DC for the first time, talking about the purpose of an office takeover, and more actions she was a part of.

🔴 Her interests in social work/ mental health/ suicide awareness - though saying at the moment she’s unsure of her future plans.

⚫️ Her message to everyone in a similar situation, or experiencing tough times alone: “If you feel alone, I GOT YOU. Reach out to me, I GOT YOU.”

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