Immigration MIC
Immigration MIC
May 27, 2017
Stephanie from Nevada on Immigration MIC!
48 min

Stephanie, from Las Vegas is speaking out for the first time, exclusively on my show!

Her family resettled in Nevada after an incident in Mexico where her mother was held up at gunpoint; her family leaving behind their well established lives. She speaks with admiration of her father’s work ethic, no longer working his dream job in accounting, and instead opting to work difficult jobs to provide for the family. Her anecdote about her father’s calloused hands and desire for her to learn English so she wouldn’t struggle with an accent is something poetic to listen to.

She’s a multitalented woman: she learned Japanese, played the cello, and has a fascination with all sorts of insects and reptiles - very unique interests! It was also during this time in high school when she was unable to travel to Japan that she began understanding the ramifications of being undocumented. “That year I spent painting, angrily” - she’s is also an artist inspired by Frida Kahlo.

It took her a lot to step forward to do this interview, having never been involved in activism out of concern for her family’s safety and has decided that ‘enough is enough’ - and listen to her heartfelt anecdote thanking all the immigrant rights activist for all the work that she’s benefitted from - and she’s ready to step up and join the fight. She tells us that there is real fear in Nevada communities - Clark County is setting sanctuaries at schools for immigrants.

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