Immigration MIC
Immigration MIC
Mar 29, 2020
Barbara Estrada, Journalist and Host of 'Work In Progress' Podcast!
47 min

Welcome Barbara Estrada (@hollaitsbarbara), host of the @workinprogressmedia podcast, to the @immigrationmicpodcast, recorded at the @hgab_studios in Miami, Florida!


In this episode, Barbara talks to us about the beginnings of her journalism career in college that shaped her passion for international news/ storytelling (6:07), her experience reporting at the US-Mexico border during the Hatian refugee crisis (18:16), we discuss objectivity vs advocacy in journalism (21:30), her transition from working in corporate media (26:30), starting @workinprogressmedia, first as a blog, which has now become a podcast, “a global podcast about ordinary, extraordinary people in their 20s” (31:03), and her words of inspiration for other upcoming journalists: “really remember why you joined in the first place.” (39:23)


*I open the show talking about where I’m at relating to the COVID-19 pandemic, and as a bonus, I include a clip of my recent interview with @platformlatino talking about the beginnings of the Immigration MIC Podcast and include clips from the interviews with Rosa Velasquez (E22), and Luz (E38). 


Barbara’s Website

Work In Progress Podcast


Work In Progress Blog


Inside the Lives of the LGBTQI in Greece


Barbara reporting on the Hatian refugee crisis (2016)


#Brownish: DNA Results Teaser

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