Episode #47 Helping Busy Business Owners Delegate with Jennifer Crawford
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Today's Guest: Jennifer Crawford

Jennifer is a delegation expert who is on a mission to help women business owners build wealth and create freedom by doing less. She is fulfilling this mission every day as the co-founder of Sparent, a virtual assistant and staffing agency powered by a talent pool of stay-at-home moms.

From this episode:

"I love the term integration. I have always said, I can't be five different people. So I can't separate being a daughter, I can't separate being a sister, I can't separate from being an employee. You know, it just doesn't work that way. We are holistic. And I think we're seeing that more as people are talking and using the word community, we are a community of people that have integrated lives."- Dr. T


"I think our contribution should be valued in other ways, like what solutions we're bringing to the table, what talents we're bringing, and I think we're gonna see you move away from a 40-hour workweek, maybe four days a week and 30 hours is going to be more standard. I don't think we're going to reduce the pay. I think we're going to make the same amount or maybe more for working less. And that's work-life integration because the productive productivity is going to go up."-Jennifer Crawford

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