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“If the next 4 billion ACs are all heat pumps, they can also decarbonize heating while we’re expanding access to AC. If they have low carbon refrigerants we can solve the refrigerant problem.  Lastly, if we make sure they’re all smart and WiFi connected we can help modernize the grid at the same time and have more solar and wind on the grid.”  -Vince Romanin, Co-founder and CEO of Gradient.  

Vince Romanin is the CEO of Gradient (@GradientComfort), which is on a mission to cool the world sustainably.  Gradient plans to achieve this by increasing the efficiency of heating and cooling systems, removing harmful refrigerants, and electrifying the heating sector, all of which combined can offset about 2 GtCO2/year, or 7% of our total emissions today. Gradient’s first product is an easier-to-install and easier-to-use heat pump that is quiet and gives you your window back.

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