The Assassination of Walter Rodney
Mar 6, 2018 · 1 hr 4 min
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"Your consciousness can come from anywhere. but the point is, it needs to come urgently." — Asha Rodney

An Interview with Asha Rodney, scholar-activist, lawyer, and youngest child of Walter Rodney. Asha discusses the assassination of her father by the hands of an immensely repressive Guyanese government in 1980, describes what a "groundings" session is, and gives us suggestions for how to implement her father's work and legacy in our organizing today.

Asha Rodney, along with the rest of the Rodney family, has spent many years seeking justice for the assassination of her father, the revolutionary Walter Rodney. Walter Rodney was assassinated in 1980 by an explosive device which was hidden in a walkie-talkie, provided to him by Gregory Smith who was later revealed to have been an operative for the Guyanese government. Asha covers not only meticulous details of her father's assassination, but describes the political climate and context in which it occurred: an incredibly repressive, western-backed regime eliminating and outlawing all forms of dissent.

Along with covering the assassination, Asha also teaches us about the process of investigation surrounding the assassination; the decades it took to have an official commission of inquiry into Walter's murder, the hundreds of Guyanese people who testified for the commission of inquiry, how incredibly damning the results of the investigation are, and just how hard the Guyanese government has tried to suppress this information.

Finally, Asha brings this fight for justice to the current day and discusses why the commission of inquiry, as well as Walter Rodney's assassination, are very important for activists and organizers around the world. We then discuss the 'groundings' concept, and putting Walter's theories into practice.

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