Sep 1, 2022
Episode #11 - Glitch Art + Messages from Elsewhere
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After a short summer break, Noah and Vivian return with a new episode of JPEG2000 discussing glitch art projects God Observer by Godmin and Myfi by Aimee Rubensteen AKA Cookie Tree and Dr. Josh Eisenberg AKA  Dr. Slurp

After discussing God Observer in Episode 5, Vivian and Noah have Godmin on this episode to discuss her work more in depth. The piece JPEG2000 collected is titled  ∧⨆∃⨏⊷⋭⋌∉≃⋀≰⨑⨗◯ #1000356 which is part of the God Observer collection, which is a part of the larger Heaven Computer art project. God Observer posits "if we could look into an telescope, what if we could observe God, and what would it look like?" The work is made via video glitching, where the video is turned into audio, and turned back into video through a process called data sonification. On the Heaven Computer website, there is a section called God Remixer, where your God Observer piece can be edited. The God Remixer was inspired by FITS Liberator, a software program for processing and editing astronomical science data to reproduce images of the universe. 

The conversation is interrupted by a call from Noah in the future on a walk, where he sees amanitas mushrooms, reminding him of a piece titled Amanitas & The Sublime by artist Madeline Cass. Noah and Vivian collect the work and hear from the artist, who creates the works by scanning objects and digitally collaging things 

Noah and Vivian pivot and discuss a project called Myfi Studio, who sent a piece to the JPEG2000 wallet. Myfi is a project that is comprised of 106 hours of glitch video art with combinatorially arranged music about mycelium network that has a message for you. The piece JPEG2000 received a piece titled Bumping Tock in the Woods

To explain mycelium communication networks, Vivian has friend Sam Shoemaker on to explain. Sam is an artist and mycologist, who utilizes mushrooms in his art practice

Myfi posits that there is conceptually similarity between the mycelium network and the ethereum blockchain network. 

Noah and Vivian complain about various things during the Rose and Thorn portion of the episode. Vivian's rose was recently meeting Noah for the first time while traveling to New York earlier this month. Noah gave Vivian $2 bills as a birthday present. Noah's rose is that the first season of the chicken camera is closed. 

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JPEG2000 is hosted by gorgeous genius, Vivian Fu and Marcel's father, Noah Kalina. The podcast is edited and engineered by international playboy Paul O'Mara. The music for JPEG2000 is by podcast bff Yuri

Don't forget to check out!!!!!! It's very fun and cool!!!!! 

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