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Why You Need a Co-Habitation Agreement (feat. Sandra Williamson)
May 3, 2019 · 38 min
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In this episode many unforeseen, surprising issues are revealed that lurked inside a long term relationship that had not included financial safeguards. Sandra's trusting nature and expectancy of a mutually beneficial investment, ended up costing her not only a heartbreak, but significant financial loss. Join us as we explore the multifaceted aspects of living together without the benefits of marriage and ways to protect yourself in the event you decide this is the choice for you.

Here’s what we talk about …

  1. The circumstances and issues around money that began to erode their relationship.
  2. What happened after Sandra’s partner encouraged her to stop working.
  3. Why she and her partner felt they didn’t “need” to get married were the same reasons that ultimately led to the end of their relationship.
  4. The illusion of financial security through jointly held real estate or being the beneficiary of a will or life insurance policy.
  5. The risks of moving to another country without the benefit of marriage.
  6. The differences between the convenience of cohabitation and the commitment of marriage.
  7. The consequences of cheating while cohabitating versus marriage.
  8. Why a cohabitation agreement could have saved their relationship!
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