Field Tripping
Field Tripping
Mar 23, 2021
Medicine For The Soul | Amanda Fielding
Play • 46 min

Amanda Fielding is one of the most prominent pioneers in psychedelic research. A champion of psychedelic science for 45+ years, she is widely recognized for her contributions to global drug policy reform. Amanda details her initial interactions with psychedelics and how she recognized their capabilities for healing, while opening up about her thoughts on today’s psychedelic renaissance, the ethics behind the movement, and even her experiences with trepanation.  Amanda is the Founder of the Beckley Foundation, an organization that initiates, directs and supports psychedelic science. Learn more about her work at


Show Notes: 

2.50 - Amanda’s first interaction with psychedelics. 

4.27 - Amanda’s discusses her initial experiences with LSD and her thoughts on its healing powers.

6.28 - Amanda reveals that she lived on LSD everyday to psychoanalyze herself and walks Ronan through her observations. 

9.30 - Amanda talks about her upbringing and family’s reaction to her use of psychedelics. 

10.52 - Amanda discusses what being a part of the first psychedelic movement in the 60s was like. 

12.15 - The movement’s focus on psychedelic integration, Amanda’s use of art to express psychedelic benefits. 

14.22 -  Amanda’s perspective on the war on drugs and its effect on her research. 

16.30 - How Amanda feels about the psychedelic renaissance we are experiencing today. 

19.21 - Ronan and Amanda discuss today’s relationship between science and spirituality. 

23.31 - Ronan’s reflection.

25.05 - What psychedelics actually do and the mechanisms that underlie them.

28.39 - Amanda’s experience with trepanation. 

31.48 - Why psychedelics should be available to everyone, not just for specific conditions. 

33.22 - Ronan and Amanda discuss our relationship with governments and regulation.

35.00 - Amanda talks about psychedelics and the mental health crisis.  

38.36 - How Amanda feels about the uprising of the psychedelic industry. 

43.44 - Ronan’s key takeaways. 

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