Field Tripping
Field Tripping
Apr 13, 2021
That's So Retrograde | Stephanie Simbari and Elizabeth Kott
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In this episode, Ronan sits down with Stephanie Simbari and Elizabeth Kott, the hosts of “That’s So Retrograde” to discuss the importance of being okay with where you are. Then, what keeps them curious about wellness, how to follow your intuition, and why psychedelic therapies can play a cosmic role in your life. Plus, the three discuss how astrology has influenced Stephanie and Elizabeth’s business relationship, the ever-evolving idea of self, and compare traditional mental health treatments to psychedelics – like psilocybin and ketamine.  

Check out “That’s So Retrograde” here:





Show Notes: 

1.51 - Where Stephanie and Elizabeth got their interest in astrology. 

3.27 - How Stephanie’s astrology chart helped make sense of her traits and characteristics. 

5.11 - How Stephanie and Elizabeth use their birth charts in their working relationship and their self-discovery. 

8.30 - The intersection between pop culture and astrology.

10.05 - How Stephanie and Elizabeth got to where they are today. 

16.26 - The effects of motivation by fear, especially amongst entrepreneurs. 

17.37 - How Elizabeth transitioned into entrepreneurship. 

19.50 - Stephanie’s struggle to let go of the identity associated with her past career. 

21.45 - The difficulties and necessities of letting go.

25.07 - How your mindset affects your healing process.

28.28 - What Stephanie and Elizabeth have seen evolve in the wellness space over the past six years. 

30.41 - Why Elizabeth believes there is such a hype around cannabis.

32.31 - Stephanie’s theory of why alcohol is accepted, but consciousness-expanding drugs are not. 

34.00 - Stephanie’s take on ketamine. 

36.50 - Following your instincts when it comes to psychedelics. 

39.30 - Stephanie’s thoughts on Western medicine’s approach to mental health treatments. 

40.56 - Elizabeth’s perspective on psychedelics. 

43.00 - The effects of micro-dosing.

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