Field Tripping
Field Tripping
Oct 13, 2020
The Happy Chef | Edible Dee
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Edible Dee, known as The Happy Chef, is a veteran cannabis chef, herbalist and holistic healer. Her third cookbook 'Delic Dishes' is a guide to cooking with psilocybin as the main ingredient in recipes like salad dressing, hummus, sushi and chocolate mug cakes. Dee chats with Ronan about her origin into the space – from underground edibles to large-scale production. Then, Dee shares how psychedelics helped her cope with the sudden loss of her sister Amber. Then, things get spicy as Dee shares her thoughts on how to explore psychedelic sex.Follow Dee on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @edibledee, and check out her cookbooks at her website http://edibledee.comShow notes:2:00 - How Dee became known as The Happy Chef and why she adopted a number of different aliases in order to protect herself. Ronan and Dee dig into the idea of living behind a different name and how that affects the way a person walks through life.5:00 - The origin of Dee’s first cookbook and how a music partnership started it all.7:10 - Dee delves into how people are never taught on how to deal with death, and this was really apparent to her around her sister’s untimely passing. She turned to drinking and stopped eating — but what helped her through it was a set of cannabis brownies that she had made with her sister. That changed her for, what she feels like is, the better and found hope & inspiration out of tragedy and turned that into a career.12:40 - The impact of pumping patients full of man-made medications and how we can shift our healthcare system to be more in touch with healing the root cause of issues instead of being centred around symptom-relief. Do people in the modern Americas have the tools & space to process their emotions properly, or is our working climate not conducive to this?15:30 - Ronan breaks down the meaning of one of his favourite phrases, the “metaphysical outlaw"17:15 - Dee “dishes" on how she transitioned from strictly focusing on cannabis-containing edibles to encompassing psychedelics into her recipes as well, and how that opening-up changed her workflows, her employee relationships and her life as a whole. She started off microdosing psilocybin — in an effort to optimize her productivity — and goes into detail about her regimen and thought process behind how this works best for her.21:50 - Dee tells Ronan about her life-changing ayahuasca journey in Las Vegas, that helped her heal from a tremendous loss and get in touch with herself in a much deeper way.25:00 - Her attachments to the world around her diminished Dee’s self-love, and had a tough time coming to terms with the concept of “loving yourself,” which she has done with the help of psychedelics & mindfulness.27:30 - Celebrate! Dee and Ronan talk about how to be your own biggest fan, and how important it is to ’take pictures’ of those moments.29:10 - Find out where 80% of your body’s serotonin comes from, which is very apropos for Dee’s work.30:20 - Sex! Dee details the chapter in her latest book that talks about her intimate adventures while on a psilocybin journey and how that can foster connections in a deep & meaningful way. She compares MDMA- vs psilocybin-assisted intercourse and outlines the differences in her own experiences.

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