Field Tripping
Field Tripping
Apr 27, 2021
The Hippies Were Right | Dr. Julie Holland MD
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For Dr. Julie Holland, psychedelic medicine connects biology with the soul. She is a psychopharmacologist, psychiatrist, and author who has dedicated her career to novel psychiatric wellness as an influential advocate of psychedelic medicine. In this episode, Julie sits down with Ronan and Field Trip’s Chief Psychologist Dr. Dominique Morisano to discuss her thoughts on the stigmatization of the ‘soul’ in medicine, what it means to create successful relationships, the imbalance between yin and yang energies in our society, and implications of the current psychedelic renaissance we’re experiencing today. 

Show Notes: 

2.20 - Why Julie identifies as an “MD”

3.30 - How Julie integrates biology with the spirituality and emotions in psychiatry

5.06 - The stigmatization of the word “soul” in the medical profession

6.54 - Julie discusses the debate between dualist vs. materialist - whether our brain comes from our soul or our soul comes from our brain. 

9.14 - Julie describes the adolescent brain and how it relates to her psychedelic advocacy.

10.50 - Dominique discusses the impact of the soul in her work. 

13.30 - Julie discusses profound experiences and psychedelics’ ability to promote dishabituation.

15.00 - Julie shares her thoughts on Ketamine.

16.46 - Dominique chimes in with her thoughts on Ketamine therapy.

17.46 - Julie opens up about how it feels to see cannabis and psychedelic medicines come to the spotlight.

19.18 - Julie’s perspective on dyad relationships and couplehood.  

20.34 - Julie discusses the feedback she received from her book title “Moody Bitches” and explains yin and yang energy. 

24.48 - The implications of the imbalance between yin and yang energies in today’s society. 

26.28 - Ronan’s reflection.

29.30 - Julie shares what she will likely be focusing on next in her research.

31.39 - Julie discusses her thoughts on today’s psychedelic renaissance. 

34.00 - Dominique shares her thoughts on today’s psychedelic renaissance. 

35.29 - Ronan, Julie, and Dominique discuss the need for equitable access to psychedelic therapies. 

37.34 - How labels create narratives about who a person is. 

38.54 - Dominique explains how trauma responses work. 

39.33 - Julie shares her thoughts on the trauma COVID-19 is creating and the difference in reactions.

42.00 - How Julie has dealt with the pandemic.

43.05 - The awarenesses that have come up for Dominique during the pandemic. 

45.35 - Julie’s most influential lessons from psychedelic experiences.

47.02 - Dominique’s most profound consciousness-expanding experiences. 

50.37 - Ronan’s key takeaways. 

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