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Apr 6, 2021
FoodMarble Breath Test {with Aonghus Shortt}
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You’ll love his Irish accent.

FoodMarble Breath Test {with Aonghus Shortt}

Aonghus started working on FoodMarble back in 2016 when his fiancée was suffering with gastric issues. Aonghus was just 30 years old at the time.

After several invasive medical tests and countless prescriptions making no difference, he knew there had to be another answer.

He then launched FoodMarble in 2018, not only to help his fiancée, but the millions of people searching for an answer to their digestive issues. Many of us have tried everything from swapping diets, to cutting out foods and found no solution.

FoodMarble got its name because a marble is unique; no two are the same. FoodMarble views the gut in a similar way. Since we are all unique, FoodMarble stuck for the company name.

The goal today is to discuss their pocket-sized device which helps take the guesswork out of eating.

Aonghus Shortt’s Background

It’s not as if just anyone could create a device like the FoodMarble AIRE. It’s incredibly technical.

So, I asked Aonghus about his background prior to FoodMarble.

Aonghus had been coding since he was in his teens. He then studied mechanical engineering, followed by a PhD in electrical engineering at university.

Just prior to FoodMarble he worked for a company as a data scientist.

Episode 7: FoodMarble Show Notes

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Resources Mentioned

  1. My experience with the FoodMarble AIRE
  2. FoodMarble on Instagram HERE
  3. FoodMarble website HERE (my code to save 15% on either/both the AIRE device and FODMAP program is GUTSYG at checkout)
  4. What is the Low-FODMAP Diet?
  5. Hydrogen-Dominant SIBO
  6. Why Do I Smell Like Rotten Eggs?
  7. The Secret to a Healthy Gut Microbiome
  8. Reasonable SIBO

Don’t Miss These Thoughts

  1. “Everyone’s gut is unique.” – Aonghus
  2. The FoodMarble breath test gives more confidence and certainty around eating food.
  3. $1 million dollars in pre-orders let them know they could be onto something with this device.
  4. Breaking down how to use the device and then how it syncs with your phone.
  5. 1,000 foods in the database currently, and you can also combine foods (ex. You eat something with 7 or 8 ingredients; this works, too.)
  6. New feature coming soon where you’ll be able to scan a barcode in the grocery store and be able to tell you FODMAP quantity.
  7. Learn how FoodMarble differs from the standard, clinical SIBO test.
  8. Benefit of the FoodMarble device is that you use it multiple times to get a more accurate reading vs. one reading with the SIBO test.
  9. In general, people solely produce hydrogen.
  10. Aonghus’s top 3 tips for getting the most use and best information out of the device.
  11. “'Maybe the question should be, “Which foods can I eat and feel confident about eating?”’ – Aonghus
  12. What’s coming next for FoodMarble
  13. “Remember, it’s personal to you.” - Aonghus


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