Watt It Takes
Watt It Takes
Mar 16, 2023
Vibrant Planet CEO and Co-Founder Allison Wolff
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Forests make up a third of all land on Earth,  and they're one of our major defenses against a warming world. 45% of the carbon stored in land exists in forests.

Today, our forests are struggling to adapt to human activity and a rapidly changing climate. Deforestation and wildfires continue to ravage habitats like the Amazon. In the U.S.destructive wildfires have increasingly ravaged the West. To protect these valuable ecosystems and carbon sinks, we need to radically change the way we restore, conserve and expand these landscapes.

And that's exactly what Vibrant Planet CEO and co-founder Allison Wolff is doing.

Allison and the Vibrant Planet team are modernizing forest conservation and restoration with a product called Land Tender, a digital platform that leverages data to help Forest Services, municipalities and tribal lands better manage their conservation and restoration efforts. Allison describes it as the operating system for forest restoration. 

By digitizing forest conservation and restoration, Land Tender makes it easy for municipal fire districts, conservations districts, nonprofits, and NGOs to coordinate and plan with each other.

Different interventions like removing vegetation and prescribed burns can be mapped over time using machine learning and AI to adjust treatments accordingly.

Emily spoke with Allison about the process of merging nature-based climate solutions with cutting edge technology, how she developed Land Tender, and Allison’s  long career pushing big tech companies to make positive choices for people and the planet.

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