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Alright - welcome to My 90s music podcast - the podcast where I talk to the people who lived, loved and were in the eye of the storm of the best decade ever - the glorious 90s.

Today I speak to a composer and Saxophonist Steve Hamilton who is a recording and touring member of NGHFB and has also recorded with Radiohead and toured with Blur. He also has played with Amy Winehouse, The Auteurs, Beyonce, Bono, The Beloved, Madness, The Pet Shop Boys, The Wildhearts, Snowboy, Roger Daltrey, Stereo Lab and Stevie Wonder.  

He famously missed out on playing with Frank Sinatra but tells us all about that. Sorry Steve. 

Superb to chat to Steve Hamilton on today’s episode. He is a genuinely talented individual and very humble about what he has achieved in his life. Excited to hear what he does next especially with Noel and the HFB which should be very soon by all accounts. Thanks to Katy M for connecting us - really appreciate it! You are a superstar. 

Do go to Steve’s website which is stevehamiltonmusic.com to find out more about him and his work. 

Thanks so much for listening to this episode. I hope that it filled you with as much joy, nostalgia and happiness that it did for me. 

Please do share this podcast with your 90s obsessed friend and follow me on @my90smusicpodcast on facebook and twitter and @my90smusicpod on instagram

Lastly please do go to Mixcloud to hear my 90s based radio show, just search for supersonic 90s radio show. 

Until next time, Keep it 90s. Over and out

Instrumental Dance Music - Instrumental Commercial | Background Music
Instrumental Dance Music - Instrumental Commercial | Background Music
Background Music For Videos
Summer - Summer Background Music | Uplifting Background Music | Upbeat Music
Background Summer Music: Link for licensing information (safe link): https://1.envato.market/dXAny ★ No Copyright Music: Become my patron and get access to all of my free music tracks without copyright. More Info here: bit.ly/2TJ68OR It is important to know that my Patrons pay only for new tracks. Dozens of background tracks I created earlier, the patron receives for free. Become my patron now: bit.ly/2TJ68OR --------------- ★ SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE: ● SoundCloud: http://bit.ly/2DJQskE ● YouTube: http://bit.ly/2TDC2fA ● Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1kOagsO ● Twitter: http://bit.ly/1pyrKZP ★ My Website: bit.ly/3030cCB -------------- ★ MORE SIMILAR MUSIC: - CORPORATE MUSIC - bit.ly/2eCX8EC - DOCUMENTARY MUSIC - bit.ly/31DKPAJ - INSPIRATIONAL MUSIC - bit.ly/33zMadJ - DRIVING MUSIC - bit.ly/2OZDg62 - EPIC/CINEMATIC MUSIC - bit.ly/2fCcZI5 - PIANO MUSIC - bit.ly/2H7Xg06 - FREE MUSIC - bit.ly/FreeMusicHere --------------- ★ More Background Music FREE DOWNLOAD: ● bit.ly/2OToE8b via My Website. --------------- ★ Royalty Free Music (with licenses): bit.ly/2H1J1dc --------------- ★ Stream, Buy and Download my music tracks: ● iTunes/Apple: apple.co/2KITefj ● Amazon: amzn.to/2YG6ETa ● Deezer: bit.ly/31F3V9T ● Spotify: spoti.fi/2Z7Dr3e --------------- FAQ: ★ Can I use this music in my videos? ● Sure! You can use this track in your video for free, but without the ability to monetize your videos on YouTube. If you need a license to monetize our video - click the button "Buy License" below the track and can purchase a license on one of marketplaces. --------------------- ★ Does this music track have copyright? ● Yes, this track has copyrights, but you can still use this music track in your video, but without the possibility of monetizing. --------------------- ★ Where can I get a license? ● This track is available for licensing if you want to monetize your video. Just follow the link in description. --------------------- ★ I received a claim for copyright infringement, What should I do? ● If you have a license - just put the text form license certificate file answering the claim. If not - you need to relax, there is nothing to worry about. You can use my tracks in your videos for FREE, but without the ability to monetize them on YouTube. Your videos will feel good, they will not be imposed any restrictions (except for monetization). I do not delete videos, your video is safe. --------------------- ★ How to credit you in my video? Track Title: (paste track's name) Music by Twisterium. Music Link: (paste link). -------------------- ★ If you have any problems or questions, you can write in the comments or contact me: twisteriummusic@gmail.com . --------------- ★ What you can find here: Free Background Music Royalty free Music, Commercial Music, Promo Music, Background Music For Videos, Background Music For Media, Background Music For Youtube, Background Music For Blogs, Best Background Music, No Copyright Music, Cinematic Music, Documentary Music, Corporate Music, Happy Music, Upbeat Music --------------- Stay in touch because more tracks will be released in the coming weeks and months. I'd be appreciated: Like, Share and Subscribe! Enjoy!
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Bamf Radio - Lofi and Chill
Bamf Radio - Lofi and Chill
What If - Lofi Hiphop Mix
Welcome back! I'm sorry I'm late, I really am. I got sick from COVID and didn't have the strength so far to prepare the mix. This mix is sincerely something unusual because there are many artists you already know and many new artists with their styles. Lofi is expanding in styles but that doesn't mean it's getting worse, I think it's a wonderful opportunity to listen to new talent, new styles, find your favourites... Also I released a song called What If, if you like the song please share it on your socials (is the best way to support me, you don't have to donate or buy my songs, just share them) By the way I'm already great, I'm recovered and I can finally go back to doing my thing as usual. I hope you guys are great, be very careful out there. See you in the next mix (I'll try to be on time this time) Love you all 💕💕 Farewell. Bamf Tracklist: 0:00 James Waves - Mirrors 3:13 Sergeant Jay - Nobody's Heart 5:45 Nathan Kawanishi - Opulence 7:48 Devon Rea, Mensing - Tip Toe 9:20 Moods, Philanthrope, Yasper - Bucket List 11:27 Broey., Linearwave - While the Leaves Blow 13:48 Philanthrope - Mapple Leaf Pt.2 15:41 paris91 - Kaviar 18:23 Philanthrope - Droplets 21:15 Jmms, Otaam - Summer Memories 23:21 SPEECHLESS, Liliomszál - Wednesday Night 26:01 Retro Jungle, DLJ - Pretend 28:44 Hevi, Kainbeats - Empathise 30:51 eugenio izzi - I'll Wait Foor You at Home, Even If It's Raining 33:07 mell-ø, Ambulo - Stay the Same 35:05 tsyu, Spencer Hunt - Letting Go 36:52 Jobii - Sisu 39:20 Jay-Lounge - February 42:00 Bamf - What If Apple Music Playlist: https://bit.ly/BestOfBamfApple Spotify Playlist: http://bit.ly/BamfRadioSpotify Discord: https://bit.ly/BamfDiscord Contact: bamfwav@gmail.com
44 min
Pueblo Vista : Lo-Fi Hip Hop // Lo-Hop Beats
Pueblo Vista : Lo-Fi Hip Hop // Lo-Hop Beats
Pueblo Vista
Last Summer ☀️ Lo-Hop Anthology
Todays summer compilation is our 3rd. The first 'Last Summer' was out in August 2018. We've come a long way since then. 3 years, plenty of creative individuals and a ton of music. Damn time flies. 🙌 Check out the artists & tracklist 01 soitchy - tolva 00:00 02 pedrolina - shikata 02:06 03 Chiccote's Beats - drowning 04:19 04 SamuW - A night off 07:02 05 Lo-Fi Tigers & Fe.Arts - Seaside 08:49 06 Kaspa - Souvenirs 10:51 07 Purrple Cat - Sand Castles 13:28 08 Pueblo Vista - Summer's not the same wihtout you 15:58 09 Thomas Stratt - Unraveled 18:39 10 Hoffy Beats - Swimsuit 20:49 11 SPEECHLESS - different views 23:01 12 eleven - pebble 24:41 13 Mr Tav & Francesco Capuani - Swimming 27:17 14 TSN Vibes - Late night walk 29:54 15 coldbrew - banana split 32:11 16 Flapjaques - when u 34:03 17 Damien Sebe - Buenas 35:46 18 fenoalte - west city 38:09 19 Dwnld - sounds like a rose 39:55 20 menta. - playabump 42:35 21 Enkae - sunsets daydreams 44:49 22 lamar azul - coastin' 46:28 23 mvnitou - exhale 49:20 24 saltysøul - refreshment 50:47 ☀️ The sound of Pueblo Vista is an amalgamation of carefully selected relaxing and soothing beats. Perfect for background music, study, relaxation, chill, sleep or that cozy morning coffee. The style is chill out music to lofi hip hop, chillhop, jazzhop, and sometimes indie. The goal of our creative label and streaming collective in order to put out purposeful music and provide a solid foundation to up-coming as well as established artists.
53 min
Lo-Fi Podcast
Lo-Fi Podcast
John Wentz
Episode 28: Rodney Ewing w/ Guest Host Cindy Shih (United States) - "Stories That Don't Get Told"
"While debating demanding topics such as race, religion, or war, it is simple enough to become polarized, and see situations in either black or white, right or wrong. These tactics may satisfy individuals whose position depends on employing policies or implementing strategies that promote specific agendas for a specific constituency. As an artist, it is more important to create a platform that moves us past alliances, and begins a dialogue that informs, questions, and in some cases even satires our divisive issues. Without this type of introspection, we are in danger of having apathy rule our senses. We can easily succumb to a national mob mentality, and ignore individual accounts and memories. With my work I am creating an intersection where body and place, memory and fact, are merged to reexamine human interactions and cultural conditions to create a narrative that requires us to be present and profound." Subjects Discussed In This Episode: - Real-time narratives and artmaking with immediacy - Art reflecting the times we live in - His recent mural “Correspondence” in SF - Working with 100 Days Action - Issues of identity - Compulsion to create art - Art being not what you do but what you are - The intersection of art and personal identity - Working with Collective Genus Rodney Ewing Rodney Ewing Instagram Cindy Shih Cindy Shih Instagram 100 Days Action Collective Genus Find us on all your favorite platforms including: Apple Spotify YouTube Facebook IG: @lofipod Website Noh/Wave Academy John Wentz
1 hr 32 min
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