One Shot
One Shot
Jan 11, 2021
389. Anyone Can Wear the Mask Part 1
Play • 53 min

Jeff and James create a superhero and the absolutely BUCK WILD science city. Jeff maybe let James add too much nonsense to this world but it still turned out pretty great. Also, we get to celebrate Groundhog Day-style time loops!

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Dark Dice
Dark Dice
Fool and Scholar Productions
Chapter 16: The Long March
Every story has an end... and some endings are new beginnings. The adventures of the survivors will continue in the coming months. Our second story (~2022) will feature an all new cast of characters. Our Adventure - Domain of the Nameless God - is now available for you to play: (Please rate/review us!) While you wait for our next episode, please check out our other actual play podcast: Liberty: Vigilance If you're looking for a longer campaign, check out our friends at The Lucky Die! -- Dark Dice is an Actual Play podcast created using the 5th edition rules of Dungeons and Dragons. Dialogue with NPC's has been replaced with a full voice cast and immersive sound effects create an added layer of immersion. Story by Travis Vengroff (Game Master) Produced, Co-Edited, and with Sound Design by Travis Vengroff Transcription and Production Assistance by Hem Cleveland Dialogue Editing by Sarah Buchynski Mixed, Mastered, and Additional Dialogue Editing by _Marisa Ewing of Hemlock Creek Productions_ Cast: Narrator / Game Master – Travis Vengroff Iaus Innskeep – David Ault Soren Arkwright – Peter Lewis Father Sindri Westpike – Eyþór Viðarsson Rowena Granitepike – Hem Cleveland Aud – Theo Merksamer Ianneiros – Alli Smalley Sister Cavernsfall – Kaitlin Statz Flygia – Kessi Riliniki Music: (in order of appearance) Music Director - Travis Vengroff "Weaver of Fate" written and performed by _Steven Melin_, with cello by Sam Boase-Miller, hurdy gurdy, hammer dulcimer, and lutes by Enzo Puzzovio, accordion and lyrics by Travis Vengroff, translations by Eyþór Viðarsson, and vocals by the Budapest Scoring Choir. "Staring Into the Abyss" –Written and performed by _Steven Melin_, with cello by Sam Boase-Miller, hurdy gurdy, hammer dulcimer, and lutes by Enzo Puzzovio, arranged with lyrics by Travis Vengroff, and vocals by the Budapest Scoring Choir. "Campfire" written and performed by _Steven_ _Melin_, with Scott Semanski on Cello, Copyist Peter Jones, and Budapest Strings (orchestra) recorded by Musiversal "Alu-Ula" – Written and Performed by _Fuimadane_ "Lægæ Dōm" – Written and Performed by _Fuimadane_ "Mother's Prophecy" - Written by Travis Vengroff, Chanted by Rook "Empty Hearts" – Arranged and Performed by Travis Vengroff, stock media provided by avinograd/ Pond5 Dark Dice art by _Allen Morris_ with lettering by _Kessi Riliniki_ Episode art by KC Bailey, with logo by James Cartwright, edited and formatted by K.A. Statz Please purchase/rate/review our adventure book - Domain of the Nameless God: Special Thanks to: Our Patreon supporters! | _TeePublic_ | Hem Cleveland | _The Lucky Die Podcast_ | Carol Vengroff | David Cummings | Daniel Demerin | Rook This is a _Fool and Scholar Production_. Please support us on Patreon: _ Join us in the _Reckless Play Guild_ on Facebook for fun and friendship! We also have a subreddit: and a very active Discord! Content Warnings: Betrayal, Disturbing Lapses in Sanity, Harm to Children, Murder, Mutilation, Non-Euclidean and Multidimensional Horrors, Party-Infighting, Ritual Sacrifice, Suicide, Self Harm, TKP (possibly...)
39 min
Join the Party
Join the Party
24. Join the Channel VI
Aunt Min isn’t going to take “I’ll Think About It” laying down. Preserver throws herself into her work. Milo smokes. Val is available. Housekeeping - CHAD DICE HAVE ARRIVED. Get your set before they sell out at ! - Missed our first LTC live show? Grab the VOD at ! Sponsors - BetterHelp, a secure online counseling service. Get 10% off your first month at - HelloFresh, where you can get 10 free meals including free shipping at using code 10jointheparty. Find Us Online - website: - patreon: - twitter: - facebook: - instagram: - tumblr: - merch & music: Cast & Crew - Dungeon Master, Co-Producer: Eric Silver - Co-Host (Milo Lane), Co-Producer, Editor, Sound Designer, Composer: Brandon Grugle - Co-Host (Aggie O’Hare), Co-Producer: Amanda McLoughlin - Co-Host (Val Vesuvio), Co-Producer, Editor: Julia Schifini - Multitude: About Us Join the Party is a collaborative storytelling and roleplaying podcast, powered by the rules of Dungeons and Dragons. That means a group of friends create a story together, chapter by chapter, that takes us beyond the tabletop to parts unknown. In the first campaign, we explored fantasy adventure, intrigue, magic, and drama. In the newest story, we tackle science, superpowers, a better future, and the responsibility to help others. Every month, we sit down for the Afterparty, where we break down our game and answer your questions about how to play D&D and other roleplaying games at home. We also have segments at the beginning of each campaign to teach people how to play the game themselves. It’s a party, and you’re invited! Find out more at
1 hr 7 min
Dragon Talk - An Official Dungeons & Dragons Podcast
Dragon Talk - An Official Dungeons & Dragons Podcast
Dungeons & Dragons
Dragon Talk: Christoff Visscher, Random Character Generator
Greg and Shelly get things going with some very exciting D&D news, the release of Van Richten’s Guide To Ravenloft! We’re also getting very close to the release of Candlekeep Mysteries, coming your way March 16th! Afterwards, we are once again joined by D&D community manager Brandy Camel for another edition of Random Character Generator! This week’s randomly generated character is Hjalnyl, a Swiftstride Blood Hunter. Take a look at Hjalnyl’s character sheet and let us know if you use them in your games at home! Our special interview this week is the creator of Cantrip Candles, Christoff Visscher! Here's your guide to when each segment begins: D&D News with Greg Tito and Shelly Mazzanoble - 0:00 Random Character Generator - 07:56 Interview - 34:29 Outro - 1:30:35 Greg Tito Twitter - Shelly Mazzanoble Twitter - Candlekeep Mysteries - Tasha's Cauldron of Everything - Curse Of Strahd Revamped - D&D Official Discord - D&D Virtual Play Weekends - Hjalnyl Stat Sheet - Brandy Camel Twitter - Cantrip Candles - Cantrip Candles Twitter - Dragon Talk Show Page - Siren Sound -
1 hr 43 min
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