Attention Retention Episode 1: Higher Ed Has a Product Problem — Here’s How to Fix it.
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In this episode, Clayton, Angie and Zach unpack the challenges with major and program relevance in higher ed and discuss ideas for how to design, develop and promote majors and programs that meet market needs and consumer demands. 

They discuss:

Higher ed’s current brand problem in the broader marketplace (fewer students going to college, pop culture challenging the relevance of college, etc.)

The rising popularity of alternative education pathways (Lambda School, General Assembly, other bootcamps) 

Why higher ed must match what the job market is demanding — and the job marketing is changing at an unprecedented place 

Ideas for how to partner with leaders in the workforce 

Whether or not we’ll see the emergence of “Chief Product Officer” at schools

How product as a differentiator can attract and retain attention of adult students 

About the Series:

Attention Retention is a special podcast series on how to attract, enroll, retain, and empower the modern learner – brought to you in partnership with our friends at Archer Education

Over the course of this series, we will cover higher ed’s product problem (and how to fix it), the challenges with major and program relevance in today’s dynamic market, how to successfully attract, enroll, and retain adult learners, how to compete in a market when your school doesn’t have a national brand, and much more.

This series is co-hosted with Angie Mohr, the Senior Vice President of Student Engagement and Clayton Dean, Senior Vice President of Agency & Partnership Management at Archer, and Zach Busekrus, from Enrollify. 

Getting attention is hard enough, so once you have it, you’ve got to do everything you can to harness it. And that’s what our friends at Archer Education help schools do so dang well. 

While you’ll get a taste of some of their ideas on how to optimize marketing and recruitment strategies over the course of this series, in order to really learn more about how Archer revolutionizes the student experience through marketing, enrollment, and retention services for colleges and universities, you’ll want to check out the content hub they built exclusively for Enrollify subscribers which you can find at

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