How Political Division Impacts Christian Unity / Miroslav Volf #AskMiroslav
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Miroslav Volf and Evan Rosa take listener questions about how to live faithfully in this political moment, focusing especially on questions of how political division impacts Christian and civil unity.


  • Miroslav’s social media bio gloss of the Prayer of St. Francis: "Before I tweet, I pray: Lord, make me an instrument of your peace.” 
  • Dr. Bethany Keeley-Jonker: "I'm struggling to balance unity in the body with my firm conviction that the Trump presidency is hostile to my most deeply held Christian values.”
  • Ramiro Medrano: "How can we foster unity in the body of Christ in the midst of division? How does one challenge the “brethren” to consider a different perspective? How can we correct bad theology and doctrine, when both sides use (or should I say abuse) Scripture to justify their position? I’m aware that much of this is based upon poor discipleship and interpretation. However, the polarization is further encouraged from the pulpit."
    • Disagreement
    • Mutual vilification
    • Unwillingness to listen
    • Neither in spirit of public discourse nor of Christ
  • The role of pastors in moral and political persuasion
  • Cordell Patrick Schulten: Can the Stoic and Christian takes on adiaphora (“Indifferents” or “Non-essentials”) help reduce the amount of political friction?
  • Anonymous: "Other than by avoidance, how do we sustain friendships in the midst of political/partisan differences?"
    • Rebelling against the temptation to reduce human beings to their political opinions
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