How to run SEO experiments with Justin Aronstein of Mobile1st
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I talked to Justin Aronstein from about running SEO experiments, and fostering experimentation culture across teams.

Transcript and other ways to listen here:

0:38 Justin's background
1:13 About FlowSports - business model and goals
3:39 SEO experimentation vs CRO experimentation
6:13 Why run tests if we have best practices?
10:10 Tying SEO updates to revenue
11:15 Set up of the scheme experiment - Bucketing
13:29 Reporting
14:37 More detail about scheme (see link below)
17:51 Success metrics
19:19 Results!
23:24 How results were perceived
24:07 Cultural benefits of running this as an experiment
28:37 Experimentation facilitates team building
29:07 Biggest takeaways
31:08 Engineering & implementation details
38:32 Cultural benefits with respect to the dev team
40:10 What's next for FlowSports & SEO testing
42:47 How to reach Justin

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Justin on Medium:

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