Optimizing a complex onboarding experience with Rafa Studart
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How do you improve onboarding for a complex product with distinct types of users who have different needs? πŸ˜…

Not easy, but it can be done - as explained in this conversation with Product Designer Rafa Studart.

1:59 All the things you can measure with call tracking software
3:01 KPIs
3:47 Forming an internal growth team
4:05 *Slightly* test-averse culture 😁
4:44 Wasted efforts from launching designs that underperform
5:48 3 months to demonstrate value πŸ˜…
6:40 Weekly "war room" meeting + prioritization process
8:07 Starting off with simpler tests
10:03 Biggest issues with customer onboarding
10:29 Multiple valid onboarding paths for different customers
16:14 What the growth team offers the product team
17:34 Initial focus on guidance, rather than explicit onboarding
18:45 After initial success, moved on to more ambitious experiments
19:02 Test concept
20:15 Emphasize the feature most customers need, based on data - even if they don't know they need it yet
20:56 Control version - focused but longggg
23:24 Final results πŸ“ˆ
24:11 That's a huge win πŸ†
26:33 Some of the other things we tested
31:35 Options for the small proportion of visitors who *don't* need a phone number
33:23 Surprisingly few opt outs
34:37 How this experiment changed her approach to design
35:25 Rolling out untested changes and being stuck with them (at least for a while)
36:56 Testing on new users makes things easier
38:03 We took this approach because we had gotten things wrong in the past
38:50 Biggest takeaway

Rafa on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rstudart/

Rafa's portfolio: http://www.rstudart.com/

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