Demand Gen Secrets from One of the 15 Most Influential Women in Marketing Tracy Eiler, CMO of InsideView
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Tracy Eiler, CMO of InsideView Technologies, explains how she has aligned marketing and sales to accelerate pipeline, and shares how optimizing your CRM can drive growth. She also talks about the importance of human interaction with customers to turn buyers into company advocates, and the importance of generating quality vs. quantity leads. Tracy was also a key speaker at the Growth Marketing Conference.

Key Takeaways

  • Always strive to improve your CRM. Don’t overlook the issues. Cleaning up dirty data can have a significant impact on the company's productivity.
  • Cold calling doesn’t exist anymore. If marketers are doing their job, they’re getting in front of the audience and reaching out to them in a much more productive way.
  • Marketers need to focus on the top of the funnel, but they need to remember to think about their role post-sale to turn customers into advocates.
  • Focus on updating old content into new systems. Just because the platform of the data is outdated doesn’t mean the information within it isn’t relevant.
  • Emphasize diversity in the workplace, and give opportunities to people with unconventional backgrounds to help your company expand.


  • “I don't use the term ABM anymore. I really think that it’s account-based engagement or account-based pursuit because we’re so integrated between sales, marketing, and customer experience. We go account-based not only for new logo pursuit but also for customer expansion.”
  • “I really think demand marketers should think about, org structure-wise, having sales development report into marketing.”
  • “CRM data quality is something that the ops folks typically own, but it’s at the root of impact to sales and marketing effectiveness.”
  • “Cold calling. I just don't think that exists anymore, right? If marketers are doing their job, we’re warming up an audience and reaching out to them and getting in front of them in a variety of ways.”
  • “Really make sure that sales understands and has buy-in into your strategy. It’s really important—we have to educate them. Wean them off of lead quantity and wean them onto opportunity quality.”
  • “We want more folks who are not white, and we also want diversity of thought, right? Take first-generation college graduates as an example. We don't want everybody to look and sound and come with the same background.”


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