Building a Bridge Between Customer Needs and Customer Experience with Liz Miller, VP & Principal Analyst at Constellation Research
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This episode features an interview with Liz Miller, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Constellation Research. Liz is an industry veteran with nearly 30 years of experience instructing global marketing organizations on how to deliver the best customer experience. Previously, Liz worked for GlobalFluency, CMO Council, and Jan Marini Skin Research.

In this episode, Liz discusses the evolution of the CDP, what real-time actually means to customers, and how sales training at The Gap made her a better marketer.


Key Takeaways:

  • Composable architecture that holds data, business applications, systems and tools is fundamental to have headless applications
  • Asking your customer open-ended questions is key when collecting valuable and personalized data
  • We no longer look at customer experience through the lens of our systems, but through the eyes of our customers. They are in charge of what real-time data means to them.


“Marketing's role is to so deeply understand the market and the customer that we act like this translational bridge between what our customer needs, wants, and expects, or just wants to dream about, aspire to. And we translate their language so that they can discover and understand our products and how great it is and all of those wonderful profitable things. We're here to fundamentally drive durable, profitable relationships with our customers, full stop.” – Liz Miller, VP & Principal Analyst at Constellation Research


Episode Timestamps:

‍*(02:07) - Liz’s background  

‍*(06:32) - How The Gap made Liz a better marketer 

‍*(11:42) - Trends in marketing and customer engagement

‍*(19:06) - Liz explains the difference between CDP and CRM

‍*(33:23) - How Liz defines good data 

‍*(35:40) - An example of another company doing it right with customer engagement (hint: it’s Nespresso)



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