PGK Episode152: Reconnecting with your Adult Child
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We raise our children with the hope of enjoying a unique closeness and intimacy with them all the years of their lives. From the moment they are born, we pour our hearts and souls into them. And as they mature, they have a clear realization that they are fully dependent on us. These two factors draw us together, forming a strong bond. When that bond breaks, the pain burrows deep. The part a parent plays in reconciling with their adult child isn’t for the faint of heart! But parents.. don’t give up! In this episode, Dr. Meeker offers parents a chance to take an honest look at themselves. While providing the difficult keys that parents need to apply to themselves, Dr. Meg also infuses some much-needed “light at the end of the tunnel” hope in the midst of the storm.


1.) Acquire humility

2.) Take the first step

3.) Assume all responsibility

4.) Be willing to forgive, without requiring forgiveness from your child


  1. MEG (PART 1)

Dr. Meeker jumps right in by answering the question, “Why is the disconnection so painful?” Parents must realize that if they are experiencing pain from the estranged relationship, then their adult child is more than likely feeling pain from the estrangement as well. No matter their age, every child craves their parent’s approval, attention and love. So regardless of how a parent may feel, it is vitally important that they do what they can in moving towards reconciliation - for their own benefit in reconnecting, but even more importantly, for the well-being of their adult child.

Reconciliation is absolutely do-able. Yet, although the process of reconciliation is simple, walking it out may be one of the hardest things a parent may ever have to do. Dr. Meg shares why, and provides thought-provoking keys and necessary action steps, along with powerful insights as to why it is the parent who must begin the reconciliation process.


  1. MEG (PART 2)

What happens if your adult child refuses your attempts of reaching out to them? What is the underlying factor motivating them to do so? They may test you, to see how long you will keep reaching out. How should a parent handle a response of defensiveness, anger or a barrage of painful words? Discover one of the biggest mistakes a parent can make when trying to reconcile with their estranged child, and how to avoid it.


Dr. Meeker does a quick recap of the 4 keys a parent needs to apply in the process of reconnecting with their adult child. The process is simple, yet hard; but totally worth it!


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