E34: The Consumer Rights Revolution with Joshua Browder of DoNotPay
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In this episode, Nathan sits down with Joshua Browder of DoNotPay, the world’s first robot lawyer. They chat about the current state of AI use in law, what policymakers should consider in regulating AI, and the ethics of robo-lawyers for consumer use. 

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(00:00) Episode Preview

(03:22) Joshua Browder and the story of DoNotPay

(04:50) The value incurred through an AI lawyer

(07:17) What are the legal and financial injustices that motivates Joshua’s work?

(12:46) How does the AI negotiate with a Comcast chat agent?

(16:28) Consumer security

(17:12) Sponsor: Omneky

(21:08) The ethics of DoNotPay

(22:27) Should AI need to disclose that it’s AI?

(24:47) How much human intervention is necessary in AI tooling?

(27:15) Where does the burden of proof lie for AI regulation and ethics?

(31:47) Advice to policymakers

(35:45) AI Liability

(38:05) AI Arms Race

(43:46) Productive bot interactions

(45:00) AI-powered arbitration

(49:28) How the consumer experience might change two years from now

(51:45) AI Superapps

(55:25) Moats in AI

(57:11) How much money does DoNotPay save people today?

(59:30) Consumer and enterprise timelines given AI

(01:06:30) What will AI replace?

(01:09:34) Impact of AI in different industries

(01:11:10) The legal field’s view of AI

(01:15:50) Deflationary factors in running DoNotPay

(01:25:00) What are non-obvious ways to save money?

(01:27:55) Joshua’s favorite AI tools

(01:28:17) Would Joshua get a Neuralink implant?




@jbrowder1 (Joshua)

@DoNotPay (DoNotPay)


@labenz (Nathan)

@eriktorenberg (Erik)


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