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While we don’t number our episodes, this one happens to be the 10th, was recorded with a live audience, AND it’s a Launch Party! In this episode, Dia shares the 3 Goal Types she sees in her work. Which one are you? Find out in this episode. 

Arthur and his wife Kat will also debut their new song for their new band, Big Surprise. They play it live on the episode, and your ears will thank you--it’s beautiful. 

We did a short exercise in this podcast episode. We reflected on and identified what kind of goals we center on--what our “Goal Type” is right now. Then we used the following prompt to stand up for it. You can use this prompt to take your goal type seriously, hold it as yours, and most importantly, and stand up for it when the world tells you that you should have some OTHER kind of goal:

Take a moment and complete these prompts:

“My Lead goal type right now is [fill in type: Experiential, Mastery or Recognition], and that’s important to me because [fill in blank].”

A quick breakdown of Goal Types:

Experiential Goals are goals that are about the experience you're having. For example, you might have a goal that is about going somewhere, being in a certain context, seeing something first hand, or experiencing a skill just enough to get competent at it (experience), and then you like to move on to the next one. Folks with this goal type, often like to do many things with some level of competence, but don’t care much about being THE BEST at one thing. 

Mastery Goals are the type of goals that drive you to be masterful in one or a few things.  If you are a Mastery Goal type, you don’t just want to pluck at a guitar and learn to play a few of your favorite songs; you want to own that thing you play. If you are an engineer, you don’t just want to learn an engineering language; you want to have full mastery of it. You are driven to be an expert. Folks with this goal type are happy being an individual contributor in their company and known as the “expert” in their craft or topic.

Recognition Goals are the goals that signal achievements that are recognized by the world. You want to win the Gold Medal. You want to gain that title in your career. You want to have your name in stone. Folks with this goal type aren’t satisfied until they get that recognition in a formal way. It lets you have a clear badge that says, “You did it!” Embrace this goal type. Maybe you just can’t rest until you get that “Director” title next to your name, or you want to put “Author” next to your professional bio. These signals are not small, and they can drive you to grow.

We’d love to hear from you: what’s your goal type? Anything else you’d like to talk about on the show? Tell us by calling 341-333-2997.

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