Nina Says I Hide No More
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In Nina's words. 

I was homeless 6 years ago. I have made history being chosen to represent the UK on USA’s number 1 platform (April 10th ‘21) having suffered from 23 years of domestic violence, an attempted honour killing leaving an arranged marriage survived a gang rape at the age of 14 at the hands of my father and his friends - long story short I am determined to break the stigma of shame and break the silence to help others to leave a situation when they think they have no choices and to give love to those who most feel unloved.

My daughter is now Dr Celeste and a Dentist but didn’t get her grades at A level, to begin with,  passed a degree but wasn’t happy as a bio medical scientist so worked for a year as a PA, then started to reapply to get into dentistry. Got a place at Kings College,  but struggled as life was traumatic, she saved my life when her father sent her a message having left both my son and I unconscious as the house was full of gas - she managed to wake me up not giving up calling the phones. Celeste failed a year at university, as tried to work all hours to help me and also I was supporting her but couldn’t once I became homeless, but she made it and is now a fully qualified practising Dentist.


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Host Lisa and Marissa

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Lisa Hamilton-Smith
“Live a Life You Love, it’s the only Life You Have”

Horsewoman, Entrepeneur, Podcaster, Speaker, Mindset coach and Knowledge Broker Expert

Defining Lisa is quite difficult as she defines herself as a multi-passionate entrepeneur with a love of horses, speaking, leading and inspiring people to live their dreams.

Lisa started out live loving horses but recognised having the funds and the time sufficient to buy and compete with horses was not so easy to achieve. Thus started a life long interest in living a life you love no matter what, a business degree and brief career in the city lead to lisa discovering that a conventional job was not possible and the pursuit of making money from her passion horses ensued.

More recently Lisa found herself needing a bigger challenge and a broader reach than just the HorseWorld, so a desire to become a life coach, lead her to gaining certifications as an NLP coach and practitioner, Emotional Freedom Technique Training and investing heavily to learn from Tony Robbins the master of self discovery and optimisation, Dean Graziosi the master of selling your expertise and Russell Brunson the master of the Sales Funnel.

Today Lisa is the founder of the Dream Team Life podcast with her co host manifestation expert Marissa Manrique.

@thedreamteamacademy on Instagram

Lisa also founded the Equestrian Mastermind a community for horsemen and women to educate themselves to be the best for the betterment of the horse. or

Last year during the first Covid Lockdown Lisa founded the Global Mindset Summit creating a community of mindset coaches and speakers who help people create life’s that they love through Mindset tools and the Dream Team Life coaching Academy will launch later in the year. summit

Lisa can be reached best on WhatsApp text 07786911567
or personal email

Marissa Manrique

Woman, wife, mother, professional, manifestation expert and emotional support therapist. Now speaker and podcaster.

To understand how my brain works is a challenge and it was never easy to be “normal” and fit in. It was always a challenge, as I for some reason, I never saw thing the way other people did, and it made it quite difficult to engage. My normal feeling was of a square peg on a round hole. 

The only certainty I always had was how important relationships were for me, my family, my friends, my partner was always priority over anything else. So, realizing that I was doing a lousy job on the most important relationship I would ever have was heartbreaking. Becoming a mother was really transforming, I never had any intention to be one, but the time came, and I had to step up. 

I was creating a little monster, terrible temper, very stubborn, when she was 5, we would get in to fights like she was a teenager. So, in the search for help to fix my kid I ended up realizing that was I who needed the fixing as my beautiful 5-year-old daughter was getting the worst example. It was me the one throwing tantrums, being suborns and having a terrible temper, she was copying my behavior.  I have to recognize how hard it was to acknowledge I was off the charts wrong and even a bigger challenge to see that I was the one who had to undergo a massive change. 

In this need of becoming the best version of myself for my daughter I also learned how to be a better human being and was able to see my talents, gifts and abilities, but the real transformation was when I worked on letting go of the idea that my abilities, were nonsense, actually believe that all of this was true and own up to the idea I had any talent.

Co-founder of the Dream Team Life Movement,

Co-founder and Co-Host of the Dream Team Podcast,

Bach Remedies Practitioner,

Numerology Practitioner

Healing Touch and Energy Medicine Therapist

Researcher of human behaviour, quantum physics, and neurosciences,

Bachelor degree in Communications.

After 8 years of educating myself in personal development, I can confirm that the corporate world is undergoing a transformation where the workforce no longer only includes big 500 companies. In this new virtual reality, you find entrepreneurs, start-ups, influencers, bloggers, vloggers, and more. This new category has forced the need for corporations to have a presence.

What does this mean for you? Well that the picture is much bigger than we could have envisioned, and the possibilities are endless, if you can't find it you create it if it already exists you can make another version of it and lastly you can choose to market all these products on demand.

It is time to think if you are satisfied with your 9 to 5 or if there is more out there.

This was the base for the birth of the Dream Team Life Movement. This movement empowers you to explore beyond the conventions, right there where your creativity, enthusiasm, and mission is.  You may be in the right places but with the wrong attitude, you will still feel a void. You may think you are lost, but deep down in your gut you know it is right but are filled with doubts and can't seem to manifest your vision.

You don't have to find out if you are on the right path, you have to believe you are, I can assure you that your will start to experience an amazing transformation, even if at first it doesn't seem like it.

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