Communicating and Engaging about Science with the Public
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Researchers and scientists are doing great and impactful work that can change lives. But are people really aware or understand their work? How can we engage with people outside our field and community?

In this week's episode we discuss how researchers and scientists can go about creating spaces of engagement, via different avenues including blogging or in-person activities—at a party or in a local community. Researchers can work together in person as they would, for example, do on a research paper as co-authors. This can help eliminate challenges connected with interacting and presenting ideas to others. 

Join in and listen to the innovative ways Dr. Apron and Monica have been able to learn, experience as well as communicate their work in science. Whether it's through “beer and science” or through a future flash mob…


Beer and Science

Public engagement is key for the future of science research

AAAS Communication Toolkit

10 ideas to spread word about your science

Crowdsourcing in Health and Health Research: A Practical Guide


Guest information

Dr. Arporn  Wangwiwatsin grew up in Thailand, spent a good ten years in the UK. She is now a lecturer at Khon Kaen University. Her scientific endeavour is primarily on parasitic diseases, bile duct cancer, and catching up with the new genomics development. Public engagement is an outlet for her artistic side. Twitter: @akoiwang

Dr. Monica Abrudan, Training Development Lead in the Centre for Genomic Pathogen Surveillance (CGPS), at the University of Oxford, where she develops courses in pathogen genomics and bioinformatics. She became interested in science communication during her PhD in Microbial Ecology and Evolution at the University of Manchester. Twitter: @MonicaAbrudan



Editing by Mariana Vaz,

Research: Emmanuela Oppong & Alice Matimba

Producers: Alice Matimba (Senior Producer), Isabela Malta (Producer), Christine Boinett (Creator and Executive producer), Emmanuela Oppong (Producer)

Host: Emmanuela Oppong

Media and Marketing: Catherine Holmes







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