Mentorship Part 1: A Community of Practice as a Mentorship Model
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The 2019 finalists of the TDR Global Mentorship Contest for improving research mentorship in low- and middle-income countries joined us to share their experiences implementing their respective projects. We had:
Dr. Ezra Valido who shared his Getting Research To Work (G.R.O.W) for people project in the Philippines, focused on bringing local-non academic organisations, practitioners, and local experts together to collaborate as a small community of practice that can mentor, support and learn from each other. He highlighted some advantageous steps he took, including working with local societies that had the resources he needed. He also discussed some challenges he faced implementing his project during the COVID pandemic, including difficulties gaining funding to navigate the dynamics of mentoring people within different stages of their career. Connect with Ezra on Linkedin

Guest information
Dr. Ezra Valido is both a biologist and a Doctor of Medicine from the University of the Philippines. He also holds a Master's degree in public management and public health, and is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Lucerne and Swiss Paraplegic Research. He is broadly interested in infectious disease and designing, scaling, and implementing public health programs related to them, focusing on health systems and development and in public health concentrating on tropical medicine. He worked previously as a primary care physician and was employed in the medical affairs units of Sanofi and Novo Nordisk in the Philippine affiliate handling endocrine, cardiovascular, and renal therapeutic areas.

About TDR Global
TDR Global is a worldwide community of passionate scientists and experts who have been working with TDR on research on infectious diseases of poverty. TDR is the UNICEF/UNDP/World Bank/WHO Special Programme for Research and Training and Tropical Diseases, based at the World Health Organization.

Oppong, E., Bao, H., Tang, W., Mejia, M.I.E., Glozah, F., Asanga, N., Boinett, C.J., Aguilar, A.M., Valido, E., Lestari, T. and Tucker, J.D., 2021. A Global Crowdsourcing Open Call to Improve Research Mentorship in Low-and Middle-Income Countries: A Mixed Methods Analysis. The American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, 1(aop).

Editing by Cassandra Soo
Research: Emmanuela Oppong & Alice Matimba
Producers: Emmanuela Oppong (Producer), Alice Matimba (Senior Producer), Isabela Malta (Producer), Christine Boinett (Creator and Executive producer).
Host: Emmanuela Oppong
Media and Marketing: Catherine Holmes

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