Mentores y mentorías, cómo encontrarles y cómo establecer una relación exitosa.
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What is covered in this episode

  • ¿Qué es para ti la mentoría ?
  • ¿Cómo la mentoría ha influenciado en tu carrera?
  • ¿Has encontrado, a lo largo de tu carrera, desafíos y/o dificultades en encontrar o mantener una relación de mentoría?
  • ¿Qué estrategias recomiendas para romper con la estructura jerárquica y con las viejas ideas y conceptos que impiden un mejor relacionamiento entre las partes?
  • ¿Existen dificultades particulares al establecimiento de mentorías en tu región de origen? Por ejemplo, falta de cultura de mentoría, falta de entrenamiento, falta de reconocimiento del rol de mentor.


Strengthening mentoring in LMICs:

Benefits of mentoring:

Importance of mentoring:

What makes a good mentor:

More about our host Anna Protasio:

Originally Uruguay, Anna is currently a Research Fellow at Christ’s College Cambridge and Group Leader at the Dept of Pathology, University of Cambridge. Her expertise is in helminth parasitology and genomics. Apart from research, Anna has developed online and in-person courses in bioinformatics with particular focus in genomics and computational tools. Learn more about Anna’s career here (add link : Follow Anna on twitter @annaprotasio

Guest information

Dr. Alena Pance: Originally Czech, I grew up and went to university in Venezuela, focussing on cell biology of infectious diseases. A PhD in Cambridge followed, introducing me to transcriptional regulation that became my long-term interest. After a postdoc in France, an MC Fellowship brought me back to Cambridge, at the Wellcome Sanger Institute working on malaria. I am also passionate about teaching and supporting colleagues and students to achieve their career goals. I’m heavily involved in public engagement activities to explain science to the wider public and make it accessible to everyone. LinkedIn. Hear more of Alena’s story here.

Dr. Andres Lescano: Dr. Lescano started and led Emerge, the Emerging Diseases and Climate Change Unit and Epidemiology Masters’ and Doctoral programs at Cayetano University in Peru. He trained at Johns Hopkins, has published >130 manuscripts, trained hundreds of epidemiologists, and has joint appointments at the Tulane, Johns Hopkins, Wake Forest and Texas/Medical Branch universities. 

Connect with Andres on twitter here: @emergeupch


Guest Host: Anna Protasio

Editing by Mariana Vaz,

Producers: Anna Protasio, Isabela Malta (Producer), Christine Boinett (Creator and Executive producer), Alice Matimba (Senior Producer), Emmanuela Oppong (Producer).

Media and Marketing: Catherine Holmes



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