#826 - Consumption, Media & The Tech Giants
49 min

We chat about morning and evening meditation, screen time, internet cafés, Matt D'Avella's new course, Slow Growth, what's happening with Fortnite, content ownership and how the tech giants control the media and consumption landscape.

On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show, we discuss: 

- Morning and evening meditation
- Nikki Glaser and screen time
- Travel and Internet cafés 
- Matt D'Avella's course, Slow Growth
- Apple, Google and Fortnite
- Content ownership, free speech and tech giants
- Uncharted territory

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Stories from Flying the Nest
Stories from Flying the Nest
Flying the Nest
Getting Sick While Travelling - Episode #5
Black Friday Sale Now on head to www.flyingthenestshop.com Watch the free video version at http://bit.ly/ftnpodcast or search "Stories from Flying the Nest" on YouTube. This is the show for fans of travel, fans of travel that goes wrong and fans of Stephen, Jess & Hunter from Flying the Nest. After travelling to over 80 countries over the past 5 years there have been a lot of horror stories of when we have gotten sick overseas...these are those stories and some tips on how to not get sick whilst overseas. Get in your questions for the fourth podcast coming out soon - https://flyingthenest.tv/podcast ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow our journey Vlogging YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/flyingthenest Join the Weekly Coop Update email: https://bit.ly/2Xj573c Website/Blog http://bit.ly/2BEpYTu Facebook • http://bit.ly/2vUqfS8 Flying the Nesters Travel Community Group • http://bit.ly/2SNNkyR INSTAGRAM: Flying the Nest Instagram • www.instagram.com/flyingthenest Stephen Instagram • www.instagram.com/sparrystake Jess Instagram • www.instagram.com/heyitsjessvalentine Hunter Instagram • www.instagram.com/hunterparryvalentine Chleo Instagram • www.instagram.com/chleoparry TWITTER: Flying the Nest Twitter • www.twitter.com/flyingthenest ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Photo Editing Preset Packs: http://bit.ly/ftnpresetpacks Colour Grade Your Videos With LUTS: https://bit.ly/ftnlutssignature Learn to edit videos for YouTube: https://bit.ly/ftnacademyvideo ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
47 min
Raising the Bar with Alli and Adrian
Raising the Bar with Alli and Adrian
Alli Webb & Adrian Koehler
13. One Potato: The Family That Cooks Together Thrives Together | with Catherine McCord
A lot of us see cooking as something that we have to get out of the way (or outsource to someone else); it’s a utilitarian action that we need to get over with so that we can enjoy tasty food or just nourish our bodies (we see you, Soylent folks). But cooking can be the key that unlocks the community in our homes, and our guest is really focused on making it a little easier to connect with our families and nourish our souls over a tasty, healthy meal. Catherine McCord is the Founder of One Potato, a meal delivery service that offers pre-prepped organic ingredients, family-friendly menu options, and even special child pricing. One Potato is currently available in eight states, but it’s growing in spite of the pandemic, or maybe in part because of what One Potato offers to people who have a little more time, want to be a little more healthy, and are craving a lot more human connection. Catherine truly believes in bringing families together by cooking together, but fair warning: after listening to this episode you WILL want to cook with your family (and you will be hungry). Connect with us on Insta: * Alli: @alliwebb * Adrian: @adrian.k Resources: * One Potato * Instagram: @weelicious * Facebook: facebook.com/weelicious * Twitter: @weelicious * LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/catherine-mccord-0133018 Raising the Bar with Alli and Adrian is a production of Crate Media
1 hr 1 min
Badass Breastfeeding Podcast
Badass Breastfeeding Podcast
Dianne Cassidy & Abby Theuring
Return Of Your Period
Are you breastfeeding, but didn’t get your period back yet? Are you breastfeeding, but did get your period? Are you wondering what the hell is going on with your period now that you just had a baby? You aren’t alone.  It’s one of the many postpartum mysteries. Listen up to learn more. If you are a new listener, we would love to hear from you.  Please consider leaving us a review on itunes or sending us an email with your suggestions and comments to badassbreastfeedingpodcast@gmail.com WE HAVE TRANSCRIPTS!!  You can also add your email to our list and have episodes sent right to your inbox!   *Things we talked about:* How getting your period back is like pumping [4:13] Some variables to consider [5:07] Postpartum bleeding vs. having your period [8:10] Why don’t you get a period, anyway? [8:51] Breastfeeding and spacing babies [14:15] What’s normal? [21:30] What we are told [23:40] Milk supply and your period [25:02] What you can do to help [26:41]   This week’s shout out [20:17] @crimson_doula_lene – IG https://www.lenesbirthservices.com   *This Episode is sponsored by Original Sprout and Fairhaven Health   Some episodes we mentioned that you should listen to (if you haven’t already) or we think you should just check them out ~   https://badassbreastfeedingpodcast.com/episode/090-your-period-and-fertility-while-breastfeeding/   https://badassbreastfeedingpodcast.com/episode/birth-control-and-milk-supply/   The Kellymom Article~   https://kellymom.com/bf/can-i-breastfeed/herbs/natural-treatments/#calcium   *Set up your consultation with Dianne* https://badassbreastfeedingpodcast.com/consultations/ *Follow our Podcast~* * https://badassbreastfeedingpodcast.com *Here is how you can connect with Dianne and Abby~* * Abby Theuring  https://www.thebadassbreastfeeder.com * Dianne Cassidy http://www.diannecassidyconsulting.com   *Music we use~* Music: "Levels of Greatness" from "We Used to Paint Stars in the Sky (2012)" courtesy of Scott Holmes at freemusicarchive.org/music/Scott Holmes
33 min
Clue BioWink
Risky business: Birth Control during COVID-19
The COVID-19 pandemic has upended healthcare systems around the world, especially reproductive healthcare. People who relied on face-to-face visits with their doctor or timely appointments are now facing cancellations and rescheduling. And those who had employer-based care in countries that have limited alternatives, like the United States, are now asking themselves, “What now?” We wanted to know more about how COVID-19, as well as the pandemic and recession associated with it, are influencing people’s birth control options and choices. On this episode of Hormonal, we’re joined by Gillian Sealy. She's the interim CEO of Power to Decide–a nonprofit in the U.S. focused on preventing unplanned pregnancy and helping young people find a birth control option that works for them. She joins us today from Tampa Bay, Florida. For more information on today’s episode visit helloclue.com/hormonal. And to find out how to support the work here at Clue, go to Clue.Plus. “[In our recent survey,] birth control users [ages] 18 to 34 said that birth control has allowed them or their partner to worry about one less thing during the COVID pandemic.” Episode Links * #ThxBirthControl 2020: Survey Says * HelloClue.com: How coronavirus impacts pregnancy, breastfeeding, and postpartum * HelloClue.com: Does Coronavirus (COVID-19) affect your periods or cycle health? * HelloClue.com: Is it safe to get pregnant during coronavirus? * HelloClue.com: Will coronavirus impact access to contraception?
34 min
The Travel Diaries
The Travel Diaries
Holly Rubenstein
Incredible Italy - Bonus Episode
Buongiorno and welcome to this bonus Destination Special of The Travel Diaries, in partnership with the British Airways American Express® Credit Card*. Today, we’ll be heading on a tour of Incredible Italy. Italy is one of the most popular destinations on the podcast, and with the help of some of my favourite guests from the past three seasons, I’ve created a special itinerary that covers some of the country’s ultimate highlights - my guests’s favourite cities, best hotels, hidden gems and much more, from Puglia and Positano in the south, to Venice and Trieste in the north.  *Terms and conditions apply. Representative 22.2% APR Variable.  Destination Recap: Merrion Charles: * Lunigiana, Tuscany * Val D’Orcia, Tuscany  * Ponza, Pontine Islands  * Sicily Simon Calder:  * Syracuse, Sicily Travel Leisure’s Jacqui Gifford:  * Borgo Egnazia, Puglia  Poppy Delevingne:  * Positano, Amalfi Coast - Le Sirenuse; Da Adolfo; Conca del Sogno * Rome - Residenza Napoleone III Mr & Mrs Smith’s James Lohan:  * Florence, Tuscany - Il Latini; JK Place Yotam Ottolenghi:  * Florence, Tuscany Rick Stein:  * Bologna, Emilia-Romagna Lonely Planet Founder, Tony Wheeler:  * Ravenna, Emilia-Romagna Sir Michael Palin:  * Venice, Veneto Lonely Planet Magazine’s Peter Grunert:  * Cannareggio, Venice, Veneto Rick Stein:  * Trieste, Friuli Venezia Giulia Holly Rubenstein:  * Capri, Bay of Naples * Citalia tour operator  * Ascona, Lake Maggiore Thank you so much for listening. If you haven’t yet left a rating or a review, why not do so now? Your support is so greatly appreciated and most importantly, helps others to discover the podcast.  Don’t forget to hit subscribe so that every week a new episode will appear in your library. To hear all about our podcast news, future guests and destination specials come and find me on Instagram. I’m @hollyrubenstein and I’d love to hear from you. Visit TheTravelDiariesPodcast.com for everything else podcast-related. Grazie mille!   See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
39 min
The Mustards
The Mustards
Jenny Mustard
Do You Have The Worst Personality Type?
In today's podcast episode, the amazing author, literary agent, and chicken whisperer Sam Copeland joins us for a chat! We talk about how PC you have to be to write books for children, being an author AND a literary agent, the writing and publishing process, and tips on how to start writing. We also talk about a strange Swedish Christmas tradition, the most overrated and underrated personality qualities, and the much-discussed, first male front cover of Vogue featuring Harry Styles in a dress. Are we facing the end of masculinity? What did you think of Harry Style's Vogue cover? And does your country also have the same Christmas tradition as we do in Sweden? This podcast is sponsored by: Nordgreen: Go to https://bit.ly/3pEo2lc and get 35% off with our discount code JENNYM35 on all their amazing watches and straps. Offer available until the end of day 1st December. & Wyld Gallery: Go to https://bit.ly/33jgNFS to get some amazing, Native American art and support a local Native American gallery. & Betterhelp: Go to https://www.betterhelp.com/themustards and get 10% off your first month with discount code THEMUSTARDS. & Skillshare: Go to https://skillshare.com/mustards and get two months of Skillshare for FREE! & Our patrons! Thank you so much for supporting us on Patreon! Go to https://www.patreon.com/THEMUSTARDS if you want to join our awesome community. Where you can find Sam: Website: https://bit.ly/3fBiwex Twitter: https://bit.ly/378fvhW Buy his books: Charlie Changes Into a Chicken: https://bit.ly/39jNRBw Charlie Turns Into a T-Rex: https://bit.ly/3q56E9y Charlie Morphs Into a Mammoth: https://bit.ly/3m9dlVF Uma and the Answer to Absolutely Everything (available from 21.01.21.): https://bit.ly/3fEjjvq This is the LAST DAY to get your COFFEE IS A DRUG CHRISTMAS SWEATER! Get yours here: https://bit.ly/33hsexy Check out our other merch: https://bit.ly/2SZhFtb Join Our Facebook Group: https://bit.ly/2T4zQ3G Let us know your thoughts @themustards_ on instagram Check Out Jenny's Channel: http://bit.ly/2iBaKo9 Love // Jenny & David   See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
1 hr 33 min
Tough Girl Podcast
Tough Girl Podcast
Sarah Williams
Katie Visco - Adventurer and ultra endurance runner - Ran across America 2009 and ran across Australia in 2019!
Katie Visco, who has been called a "bubbly and offbeat running, biking, soup-making, people-loving, community-building exclamation mark," started running when she was in middle school, duped into the sport thinking it was some kind of soccer conditioning camp. Oops. She quickly fell in love with running, and then...   In 2009, promoting the importance of a bold and passion-driven life, Katie ran solo across America, from Boston to San Diego, and became the 2nd youngest and 13th woman overall to make the crossing. During, and the year after her transAmerican crossing, she raised funds for the charity, Girls on the Run, and also stopped to visit more than two hundred audiences en route to spread her message to young and old alike. Running has been a versatile cornerstone of her wellbeing for years, and she especially loves the trails!   Besides trail running, biking, creating delicious food, and traveling, Katie loves her husband and family very much and enjoys getting to hear the stories of others. She's been writing since she was six and hopes to publish a book one day. She's stoked to share her journeys with you in hopes that you will glean something special from them for your own growth and joy.    New episodes every Tuesday and Thursday at 7am UK time - Make sure you hit the subscribe button so you don’t miss out.    The tough girl podcast is sponsorship and ad free thanks to the monthly financial support of patrons. To find out more about supporting your favourite podcast and becoming a patron please check out www.patreon.com/toughgirlpodcast.   Show notes * Katie in her own words * What she loves in life * Growing up in Chicago, USA * Being empowered as a young girl * Having creative and wild ideas * Being supported in her dreams  * Deciding to run across America at 23 years old * Loving running * Wanting to empower young people to follow their passions * Figuring out the why and understanding the motivation behind the challenge * Figuring out the funding and the logistics * The power of breaking down challenges * Why it’s ok to ask for support * Training the body for big endurance challenges * Dealing with stress in life * Lessons learned from running across America in 2009 * Respecting everyone’s story * What happened between 2009 and 2019 * Wanting to put some roots down and starting a company * Wanting to run across Australia since 2013 * Dealing with injury setbacks and having to postpone the Australia run 2x * Figuring out the training for for a big ultra run * Figuring out the money and taking time off  * Being part of a team with her husband * Getting to the start line in Australia! * Why failure is just feedback * The biggest challenge of running across Australia  * The mental side of the challenge * Giving herself grace on the challenge * Mental tips and tricks * “Tedious but brief” * What a typical day was like * Reflecting back on the journey  * Adventure blues * No more ambitions to run across a country but wanting to do a big cycle around the world * Doing a different type of adventure * Final words of advice    Social Media   Website - www.katievisco.com   Instagram - @katievisco
54 min
Armchair Explorer
Armchair Explorer
Aaron Millar
Descent into the Unknown: Inside the Greenland Ice Cap with Red Bull Photographer Christian Pondella
Follow Red Bull photographer Christian Pondella as he descends inside the Greenland Ice Cap, a place that no one had ever gone before. Greenland is one of the most remote and extreme countries on Earth. 80% of its surface is covered in ice, temperatures can reach -65°C. But it holds the second largest ice sheet on the planet, and it’s melting fast. Christian teams up with legendary ice climber Will Gadd, and glaciologist Jason Gulley,  to go deeper into the ice than anyone has ever gone before. Their expedition is fraught with danger, but the science they would bring would back change our understanding of climate change, sea level rise and the future of our planet. This is more than just an adventure. This is a descent into the unknown.  *Highlights include: * ·      *Descend into a moulin*, a dark hole in the ice where meltwater from the glacier surface rushes into depths below ·      *Explore inside the abyss,* a place no one has ever gone before ·      *Discover Greenland*, one of the most remote and extreme places on the planet  ·     * Learn about the cutting climate science *being done now on the Greenland ice cap, and how this expedition changed the fundamental models scientists were using to predict sea level rise over the coming decades. ·      *Hear about Christian’s incredible career *as  Red Bull photographer, including shooting a 300-ft snowmobile jump and a world-first sky dive without a parachute. You read that right. ·      *Get Christian’s top tips for adventure photography *and how to create that perfect shot * Christian Pondella *is one of the top adventure sports photographers in the world. As well as shooting for Red Bull, he is a senior photographer for Powder Magazine, a San Disk Extreme Team member, Fstop Global Pro, he has published work in Sports Illustrated, ESPN Magazine, Outside, Men’s Journal, Maxim, FHM, GQ, Climbing, Outdoor Photographer, Shutterbug, and a variety of other publications throughout the world.  Follow Christian’s work: Instagram @ChristianPondella / www.ChristianPondella.com Cover image Christian Pondella / Red Bull Content Pool *Thank you to Mammoth Lakes for sponsoring this episode! *Majestic in scale and awesome in its natural beauty, the year-round adventureland of Mammoth Lakes is one of those rare places that you have to see to still not totally believe. The name speaks to the size of the mountains, the expanse of the valleys, the incredible number of crystal clear mountain lakes and the endless opportunities for adventure just outside your door. But what makes this place really unique are the surreal storybook scenes that drop jaws, spark the imagination and make every moment feel like a brush with the truly incredible. For more info: www.visitmammoth.com F*or background information* on this episode, including Christian's photos from the trip, please visit: https://www.armchair-explorer.com/post/descent-into-the-unknown-inside-the-greenland-ice-cap-with-red-bull-photographer-christian-pondella *Social media*: Instagram & Facebook: @armchairexplorerpodcast *Armchair Explorer*: the world's greatest adventurers tell their best story from the road. Each episode is cut documentary style with music and cinematic effects to create an immersive storytelling experience. No long-winded interviews, just straight to the heart of the action 'Best travel podcasts 2020' - The Guardian 'Thrilling stuff' - Sunday Times 'Adventure stories from the wildest places on Earth' - The Telegraph 'Best Overall Podcast 2020' - Finalist DiscoverPods Awards
41 min
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