Blackjack Fletcher, and Rocky Romero & Doc Gallows from Talk N' Shop
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Lisa chats with her friend Blackjack Fletcher about how he transitioned from a career as a lawyer to a gambling analyst, what people should do if they want to get into sports betting, and much more. Then, Rocky Romero and Doc Gallows from Talk N' Shop jump on to read through this week's batch of questions for Ask Lisa Ann!

The Tasteless Gentlemen
The Tasteless Gentlemen
The Tasteless Gentlemen
Episode 157
—— Scoop’s Twitch: --- Follow Schoeny's podcast here: Schoeny's instagram: —— A bunch of you have been asking so we fired up a Patreon. A bunch of cool perks including savage memes we can’t post anywhere else, our private Discord, monthly T-shirt club, patron only live streams / Q&A! JOIN HERE: New tees are going up constantly! Treatyoself. And remember to use the discount code, exclusive for listeners/watchers ONLY, “f*ckscoop” for 20% off your ENTIRE ORDER! AUDIO VERSION OF THE SHOW: SOUNDCLOUD: iTUNES: SPOTIFY: STITCHER: GOOGLE PLAY: Please sub, thumbs up, rate on iTunes, follow on twitter, or whatever… it really helps spread the good word. FB: IG: TWITTER: Outro – Born Sinners – Heavenly – Intro track – Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod (
1 hr 6 min
The Dropshot - A Call of Duty Podcast
The Dropshot - A Call of Duty Podcast
Episode 99: Warzone Drops & Fine Dining - Q&A
Fast approaching our 1 year anniversary celebration on January 23rd (mark your calendars), Tanner and I answer a litany of questions from the Discord once again. We start by discussing Sanatorium, the new Fireteam map, before getting into the questions. We talk Cold War weapons in Warzone, our favorite places to drop in Warzone, the future of the program, fine dining, and much, much more. 00:00:00 - Intro 00:01:42 - Announcements 00:16:47 - Playlist Updates/Sanatorium Discussion/Intro to the Q&A 00:21:13 - "Your ideal Christmas present for $500?" 00:24:44 - "How good are Cold War weapons in Warzone? 00:31:03 - "How do you want the podcast to evolve over time?" 00:49:11 - "Anything new now that you're at 1k YouTube subs?" 00:50:12 - "What is your favorite place to land in Verdansk?" 00:56:16 - "Never play video games again or never leave your room again?" 00:59:07 - "Lotion or dry rub?" 01:01:40 - "Real B cups, or fake D cups?" 01:04:34 - "Is Activision purposefully holding back content to release it mid-year?" 01:10:25 - "Will you guys play more Warzone, or more Cold War this year?" 01:17:00 - "How would you improve the Call of Duty Companion App?" 01:21:04 - "Has doing the podcast been one of the most impactful moments of your lives?" 01:31:08 - "Tanner, have you ever had an in-game handle besides your name?" 01:37:30 - "What are your top 3 metal bands?" 01:46:11 - "Italian food or Mexican food?" 02:05:48 - Plugs and reminders 02:07:09 - Thanks to our Damascus Patrons 02:08:53 - Outro The podcast is streamed live on Twitch every Wednesday and Saturday night at 7 o'clock Pacific! You can find the link below if you wanted to watch live - as you've no doubt heard, viewer interaction is high, so hop in, say your piece, and ask questions! 🔹Streaming schedule (Pacific time): 🔸Wednesday 7 PM 🔸Saturday 7 PM We typically start early, around 6:30, just to hang out and chat with everyone, and after the podcast we almost always stream some gameplay over on Tanner's channel. Links to our Patreon, store, streams, social media, and ways to support are below. Thanks for checking out the channel! 🔹The Dropshot: 🔸Patreon (bonus episodes and more): 🔸Podcast: 🔸Merch store #1: 🔸Merch store #2: 🔸YouTube: 🔸Discord: 🔹Razinon: 🔸Twitch: 🔸Amazon affiliate link: 🔸YouTube: 🔸Twitter: 🔸Instagram: 🔸Facebook: 🔸TikTok: 🔸Donate: 🔹Tanner: 🔸Twitch: 🔸Twitter: 🔸Instagram: 🔸Donate: #TheDropshot #ColdWar #CallOfDutyPodcast
2 hr 10 min
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