IT Visionaries
IT Visionaries
Nov 30, 2021
Time Plus Data Equals Efficiency with Paul Dix, the Founder and CTO of InfluxData and the Creator of InfluxDB
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If the topic of databases is brought up to certain people, their eyes may gloss over. But if that happened, that would be because they just don’t know the awesome power of databases. Data can be valuable but only if it is contextualized, and time is an extremely relevant aspect to consider when analyzing huge amounts of data. Paul Dix, the founder and CTO of InfluxData and the Creator of InfluxDB, explains how a time series database can help provide that temporal contextual information to promote efficiencies.

Main Takeaways

  • Time Contextualizes Data: Data has value only when it is placed in context and then the information gleaned from it is applied into actionable items. Time is a key factor to provide a basis for understanding information. A time series database, iike InfluxDB, can provide this sort of context for server and IoT device monitoring. This info can then be applied to track performance and increase efficiency.
  • Failure Becomes Opportunity: Sometimes it’s hard to see how a win can come from a loss, and most people try their very best to avoid losing. But the reality is that learning is happening when something is being created, and the knowledge that’s gained in the creative process has nothing to do with the outcome of a given project. To ultimately be successful, the lesson is to take what’s been learned and then keep pivoting until the product and the market are aligned and the timing is right.
  • Evolving Engineering: Technology is always advancing rapidly. Therefore, even a successful product will require adaptations to meet new challenges. Accepting the reality of the high rate of change and, therefore, the need to constantly adjust accordingly will position a company in the best position to succeed.

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