The Long View
The Long View
Sep 9, 2020
Steve Vernon: 'Older Workers Become Targets' in Tough Economic Environments
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Our guest on the podcast is retirement specialist and author Steve Vernon. Vernon is president of Rest-of-Life Communications and a research scholar at the Stanford Center on Longevity, where he conducts and directs research on retirement planning and behavioral economics. He is also the author of several books on retirement planning, including his latest, Don't Go Broke in Retirement and Retirement Game-Changers. In addition, Vernon writes a regular column on retirement planning for Forbes. He previously helped large employers design and manage their retirement programs. Vernon retired as vice president and consulting actuary with the human resources consulting firm Watson Wyatt Worldwide and also consulted to Mercer. He graduated from the University of California at Irvine with a double major in mathematics and social science.


Steve Vernon bio

Stanford Center on Longevity

Steve Vernon books

Forbes column

The Role of Work

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Encore career definition

Social Security Program Health

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Social Security Claiming Strategies

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Open Social Security

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Retiree Investment Portfolio/Holistic Retirement Income Planning

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Longevity/Mitigating Longevity Risk

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