Total Soccer Show: USMNT, Champions League, EPL, and more ...
Who wins in an all-time Bald XI v an all-time Big Hair XI? Plus many more listener questions
Dec 19, 2019 · 1 hr 23 min
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Daryl and Taylor answer some excellent listener questions, including...

1) Which competition is more important for the USMNT: Nation's League or the Olympics?

2) All-time best bald/shaved head 11 v All-time big-haired 11. Who wins?

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3) Will Red Bull ever take over a club in England and if they do what club will it be?

4) Outside of traditional big sides, who’s been the most impressive player this season?

5) With does Emerson Hyndman fit into the USMNT midfield depth chart?

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6) Why do Premier League fans wear dark/black jackets to games in the winter instead of their team’s color?

7) Is the "manager's box" an official thing and what are the rules for it/why aren't they enforced more?

8) If Jadon Sancho goes to Chelsea will he overshadow Pulisic again?

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9) Why are Olympic soccer rosters so small?

PLUS! Updates to the TSS Scouting Network!

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