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Start Fresh: How You Can Learn New Skills As An Entrepreneur
Sep 22, 2019 · 45 min
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“If you’re building something amazing, someone’s gonna come after it. And it’s your responsibility as an entrepreneur to always be thinking about what’s next, how to innovate, what’s the next big thing, so that you’re constantly ahead of the curve.”

In this episode, Take The Lead Co-Founder and President Gloria Feldt welcomes to the show Heli Prilliman, founder and CEO of Laquerbar, and Denise Lee, CEO and Founder of Alala. Heli and Denise represent two powerhouse entrepreneurs with unique success stories. Heli opens up about the harsh truth about fundraising for a woman-led start-up while Denise shares the top three questions that every female entrepreneur should ask herself before starting a business. They talk about the importance of passion and having a shared vision for your company. Finally, Denise and Heli provide some sage advice for women who have become inspired to begin their entrepreneurial journeys.

The included interview first aired live on YouTube during Take The Lead’s Virtual Happy Hour. Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h6YUTtVmKlM

This episode is brought to you by Take The Lead’s “50 Women Can Change the World” program. Learn more at www.50WomenCan.com/main

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Alala Instagram – @alala https://www.instagram.com/alala/?hl=ur

Denise’s Website – https://alalastyle.com/

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Heli’s Twitter – @heyitsheli https://twitter.com/heyitsheli?lang=en

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Laquerbar Instagram – @lovelacquerbar https://www.instagram.com/Lovelacquerbar/

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Heli’s LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/heliprilliman/

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