Apr 8, 2021
We Can’t Call This “N*gga."
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This episode contains strong language, as the title of the episode suggests. Listener discretion is advised.

This week, hosts Jarrett Hill and Tre'vell Anderson are talking about the "n" word. No, not Chloé Zhao's 2020 indie hit Nomadland. We're talking about the word n*gger. And n*gga. And Tre'vell's personal favorite: nig nogs. 

The word has been in the news rather recently with a number of newsrooms having to address its use by members of its staff. It seems the word is always up for debate in white spaces, among non-Black POC and even Black folks about who can and can't and who should or shouldn't use the word. 

Jarrett and Tre'vell examine the debate of it all and share their own experiences with its use. 

But first…

T(ea) Time

Tre'vell and Jarrett discuss media burn-out and the cost of remaining plugged in online. 

DIS/Honorable Mentions

This week, Jarrett has an honorable mention for the new Youtube Original series Super Sema as well as an honorable mention for LA artists D Smoke and Sir. He also has a dishonorable mention for the raggedy duo of capitalism and white supremacy which work together to make everything worse. 

Click here to read Jarrett Hill's original article. 

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