Jul 16, 2020
Black Women Have Been Left Out of #MeToo
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This week, Tre’vell and Jarrett talk to former A&R executive Drew Dixon about the documentary "On the Record." In it she comes forward to tell her story of an alleged sexual assault at the hands of hip hop mogul Russell Simmons. 

We'll discuss the intersectionality of race and gender Black woman face in the hip hop community and the ways in which misogynoir, white supremacy and toxic masculinity work to silence Black woman in the #MeToo movement. 

Please note, this episode includes a frank discussion about the emotional and psychological trauma of sexual assault.

But first…

Pass the Popcorn

This week, we enter into an entanglement with the news story about Will and Jada. You don't need the last names. You know which Will and Jada. If you somehow missed this story in the news cycle you can catch it here


DIS/Honorable Mentions


This week, Jarrett gets things started with an Honorable Mention to Victor Jackson, a Black lgbtqia icon in the making. You can check out "He Belongs to the City" here.  

A special mention goes out to the late Naya Rivera who tragically drowned this week during a Lake Piru trip with her son. Naya's role as "Santana," the bisexual and talented teen on the hit Fox show "Glee," remains iconic. 

Other mentions that sit in a more nebulous state include Viola Davis on the cover of Vanity Fair as well as the first African American photographer to shoot a cover for the esteemed magazine, Dario Calmese. We don't know what took them so damn long but kudos to Dario and we can't help but Stan Ms. VIOLA DAVIS!

Keeping that same energy, Tre'vell has a mention for producer Tony Cervone who recently revealed that Scooby Doo's Velma was always intended to be a lesbian. 

Lastly, an honorable mention for Gina Prince-Bythewood’s The Old Guard on Netflix. If you're not watching it...catch up here





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Go Fact Yourself
Go Fact Yourself
Ep. 69: Eliza Skinner & Josh Gondelman
Turn up your favorite song and raise a glass, it's time for more _Go Fact Yourself_! Eliza Skinner is known for her comedy and musical improvisation, but she’s also got a TV show out now on Disney+! “Earth To Ned” is a talk show with a cast made up entirely of puppets from the Jim Henson company. She’ll explain why, despite all the aliens and spaceships, it’s still a lot like its contemporaries… just with more coordination to make the host talk. Eliza Skinner’s debut comedy album, “Regarding My Lovers,” is available now. Eliza’s opponent is her friend and fellow TV producer Josh Gondelman. He works behind the scenes on the show, “Desus and Mero,” which has gone through some creative changes since the quarantine started. He’ll explain. Plus, he’ll tell us all about his discovery that a good pep talk can make all the difference in a rough situation (even when that situation is 2020). Our contestants will answer questions about life behind the scenes and classic shows on the stage and screen What’s the difference: God complex What’s the difference between the gospel and the scripture? What’s the difference between “complex” and “complicated”? Areas of Expertise Eliza Skinner: Stephen Sondeim, the Jamestown colony and Beanie Babies Josh Gondelman: The NBA bubble in Florida, the first seven seasons of the TV show “Cheers” and celebrities from Massachusetts. Appearing in this episode: J. Keith van Straaten Helen Hong Eliza Skinner Josh Gondelman With guest experts: Michel Cerveris, actor, singer and guitarist who’s won two Tony Awards. George Wendt and Bernadette Birkett, actors best known for their respective roles as Norm and Vera on the show “Cheers.” _Go Fact Yourself_ was devised by Jim Newman and J. Keith van Straaten, and produced in collaboration with Maximum Fun. The show is recorded from multiple homes at a safe social distance. Theme Song by Jonathan Green Maximum Fun's Senior Producer is Laura Swisher The show is edited by Julian Burrell. Mask-wearing by YOU.
1 hr 20 min
Minority Korner
Minority Korner
James Arthur M
MK271: The White People's Apology Tour (Indigenous Cultural Burns, Megan The Stallion, Misogynoir & HipHop, Regina King Slay, Coming 2 America, Amy Comey Barrett, Gretchen Whitmer's Sign Language Lady, Furiosa)
_ _Today is like therapy cause sometimes in the middle of a pandemic with so much happening- you’re just not okay. With returning guest co-host Samantha Nzessi, we talk “why are we trying to confirm Amy Comey Beheret and her questionable originalist self when folks still waiting for more stimulus checks?" Beware of the Republicans latest tactic to steal the election. We'll let you know why everyone needs a hype sign language person like Governor Gretchen Whitmer- don't fuck with her! On the pop culture front, Regina King’s latest project is about to _Slay_, and _Coming 2 America_ might be coming to you on Amazon, and why that's a bummer, and why the new Furiosa casting has us furious with ageism in Hollywood. In the main Korner's we are celebrating Indigenous People’s day highlighting the cultural traditions that First Nation’s people were doing that had been banned for centuries, that could have helped the fires in California, had Westerners leave them be, plus 5 things you can do to celebrate and support Indigenous folks! Samantha breaks down the case of Megan The Stallion’s treatment after she was shot by ex boyfriend Tory Lenz and how this is an example of Misogynoir, it's historical footprint in hip hop, and 5 ways you can stop it. Plus- our proposal for reparations which may include a white butler for all. Guest Co Host Samantha Nzessi- IG & Twitter: _@samanthal_n_ _Samantha (she/her) is about equity of all kinds. Racial, gender, class, you name it. She is co-host and producer of MASKulinity podcast, which is dedicated to unlearning patriarchy from the masculine side of the spectrum. Like Issa Rae, she’s rooting for everybody Black. Unless you’re a misogynist! Then she’s rooting for you to be held accountable for your fuckery._ _LINKS:_ Ugh , Amy Comey Barrett * * Regina King: Slay: Coming 2 America: Republicans have been trying to steal ballots: Anya Taylor Joy as a young Fruiosa : Indigenous People’s Celebration * * * * * Megan Thee Stallion + misogynoir in hip hop * * * * * * CONTACT US Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: IG: @minoritykorner James Arthur M: TW: @JamesArthur_M, IG: @JamesArthurM
1 hr 19 min
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