0207: Finding and Filling a Gap in the Market with Flock Events
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Alice Sip joined the event rentals industry in North America. Then she took her expertise back to her homeland of New Zealand to build Flock Events. Today, it’s one of the top rental, styling, and event planning businesses in that country. 

What’s in this episode:

  • How Alice discovered a gap in the market... and filled it effectively
  • What it’s like to manage multiple locations under one business
  • How Flock Events schedules and pays staff in a mutually beneficial way (and avoids seasonal hires)
  • How Alice is building a brick-and-mortar shop which ties into her larger business


“I guess whenever there's a gap in the market, you say “Is the gap there because there's no demand? Or is the gap there because the demand's not filled?’” - Alice Sip

“I’ve learnt to be very very specific about every single detail [...] I think the more specific you can be, the better.” - Alice Sip

“I always look at demand before I just buy. I would never look at a piece of furniture and say ‘Oh, that’s nice. We’ll add that to the collection.’ We’ll always say, ‘Well who have we got that that’s going out for?’” - Alice Sip

“I also don't believe in money over relationship in terms of what we take on in our business.” - Alice Sip

“I’ve realized the importance of delegating and realized the importance of my time and that paying someone an hourly wage to do something actually is worth it because it frees up me.“ - Alice Sip


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Alice Sip of Flock Events & Kindred Road

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