0206: Branding & Marketing an Event Rental Business with Lily & Cane
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Before starting her event rental business, Sherine Iskandar was a marketing professional. Now, with years of experience and a personal rebrand under her belt, she’s the perfect pro to talk to about the nuts and bolts of branding and marketing an event rental business.

What’s in this episode:

  • Building a new brand in a new market
  • How Sherine plans her purchases around pieces that fit and further her brand
  • The strategy behind rebranding Modern Vintage Rentals as Lily & Cane
  • Lessons learned commissioning custom pieces
  • The endless battle for work-life balance


“A brand embodies so much more than just the look and feel. The client experience is a huge thing.” - Sherine Iskander

“Some people give up after attending once or twice at one of these networking groups and then they say, ‘ph, that doesn’t work for me.’ But what I’ve found is that you really have to stick with it for six to nine months before anybody with any kind of great reputation will give you a chance because if they recommend you, then their reputation is on the line.” - Allison Howell

“This was important for me to explain to myself or to keep repeating to myself: ‘I can’t be all things to all people.’” -Sherine Iskandar  

“I decided I’m not going to wait for perfection to start promoting a product.” -Sherine Iskandar

“My name was doing a disservice to the brand, and I had to change it.” - Sherine Iskandar


“It was a big goal when I quit the corporate world. My goal was to be a healthier person – mind and body. And I am a healthier person now because I’ve allowed myself the balance of work and life.” - Sherine Iskandar


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