God, Patriarchy, and Racism
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How many times have you seen God portrayed as a woman in the movies? With few exceptions, God is typically portrayed as a white male. How is the view of God related to racism and white supremacy?

Join Rev. Dr. TLC and her guest, Monette Chilson, as they discuss the intersection of religion, patriarchy, and racism.

Monette argues that if one has difficulty seeing God as anything other than male, they likely have difficulty seeing God as anything other than white. Monette will discuss her partnership with Girl God Books and her passion to expand the worldview of how God is perceived and experienced.

Tune in for this important conversation at TalkRadio.nyc or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Rev. Dr. TLC begins the show centering her audience with a breathing exercise. She then introduced her guest Monette Chilson. Chilson is part of a publishing group with Trisha Hendron where they publish books that focus on powerful women. Chilson is also active in the yoga community where she has written books and published in yoga magazines. Rev. Dr. TLC asks Chilson what grounds her. Chilson shares her biggest practice is breathing. Rev Dr. TLC and Chilson express how certain breathing techniques can make a difference on our body. Chilson shared how she found her passion, she talks about growing up in southern Texas and learning about religion where it is more male centric. She studied women missionaries hoping to find connections there, but didn’t connect with the words she was taught. By her mid twenties, Chilson stepped away from religion and found yoga. Before the break, Rev Dr. TLC shared a personal experience where people did not respect her position as a pastor and were looking for a male figure to lead.  

Segment 2

In this segment, Rev. Dr. TLC shared a passage that questions the roles of men and women in the bible. Chilson expresses her discomfort with the bible how certain stories undermine the role women play in society and culture, pointing to them as the originators of sin from Eve’s tempting Adam to partake in the forbidden fruit. She mentions Sofia, a character that came to her during a time where Chilson was trying to reconcile the two aspects of her life; yoga and religion. Chilson went on to talk about adapting the story of Lilith. She explored the story of Lilith as a way to create a voice for women who don’t submit. Before the break, Chilson shared how her religious community has received her work. She expresses that her mother is her biggest supporter while her father is proud but doesn’t fully understand the message.

Segment 3

Rev. Dr. TLC and Chilson continue to talk about the connections within religion, racism and the patriarchy. They begin to discuss the lack of inclusivity of race and gender surrounding religion. Rev. Dr. TLC tells a brief story of Noah and his sons. Rev. Dr. TLC explains that Noah’s sons were cursed and the Children of Ham were described to be darker. Leading to the perception that black people are cursed because of the color of their skin. Before the break, Rev. Dr. TLC and Chilson express how we continue to perpetuate the cycle when we fail to correct our actions and language.

Segment 4

In the last segment, Rev. Dr. TLC mentions a workshop that Chilson will be a part of that begins January 13th, 2022. Chilson expresses her purpose and why she wanted to partner with her friend, Traci, to help continue to tell women’s stories and lived experiences. Rev. Dr. TLC and Chilson continue to talk about the workshop and what people can expect from the course. Before the end of the segment, Chilson offers some advice for people who are overwhelmed and don’t know where to start in dismantling racism. She suggests starting with your bookshelf and getting rid of works that don’t align with your beliefs because words and perspectives matter. Rev. Dr. TLC says it can be a positive experience because it can open you up to see things differently.

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