34: Leveraging tiny teams with Christine Carillo
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David Elikwu speaks with Christine Carrillo, an Executive Coach for Early Stage CEOs, Founder of The 20-Hour CEO

Over the last decade, she built and led three companies that have generated $200M in revenue. She experienced everything from bootstrapping a business to $25M to building a hyper-growth VC-backed company to $28M ARR in under two years.

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๐Ÿ‘ค Connect with Christine Carrillo:

Twitter: @ChristineCarril

Website: christinecarrillo.com

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๐Ÿ“„ Show notes:

Early background and upbringing [4:10]

How did she start at the very bottom [6:14]

How did she start her own company [9:09]

What kind of success does she look up to? [22:12]

The idea of success started to turn into freedom [25:22]

Unethical moments she experienced [27:34]

Sheโ€™s very fortunate to have a CEO coach [43:12]

A lot of pressure being extraordinary [48:30]

How are you as a CEO [51:24]

When she started Butler heath [1:00:19]

I hate managing people [1:03:15]

Prioritizing family over work [1:20:27]

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The 20 hour CEO

Butlr Health

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