How to Get Started Lifting Weights and Why?
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This week, I'm ready to buckle down and get back on track. I found an article that has me wanting to mix in weight training.


229.3 - I consider this my new starting weight.


According to an article on Yahoo, you can try doing full body exercises every other date. It's really important to give your body time to recuperate. You need to let your body repair itself. This time is when your muscles come back bigger.


According to that article, "Numerous scientific studies show that regular strength training can be a huge benefit to your health long-term by improving cognitive function, emotional and mental well-being, and mobility by reducing muscle loss as you grow older."

Keep in mind your muscles burn calories, and you naturally lose your muscle as you get older (yes, that does suck). The less muscles you have, the less calories you burn. The less calories you burn the more weight you may put on.


For muscle definition, choose a weight that has you fatigued by the end of six to 12 repetitions. In general you want to push yourself to the point where you can't do any more. As always contact your doctor and be safe (have a spotter if you're using a bench and doing bench presses). Your muscles get bigger when you push them to the point where you can't do it.

During the day off your body repairs your muscles, and actually comes back bigger.


At some point the weight you are using will become easier, and that's when its time to increase one of the following:

  • The number of sets,
  • The number of Reps,
  • Or you add more weight.

People who do weight training on a regular basis reap the benefits years later. You may not like it now, buy your future self will thank you.


A private Facebook accountability group with additional information is at Come join the conversations and enjoy "Motivation Monday" "Weigh In Wednesday" and more.

Weightloss Mindset
Weightloss Mindset
Rick Taylar
Habits and Attitudes Drive Your Weight Loss Efforts
Most people have the wrong attitude for losing weight. They go in with an "it's impossible for me to lose weight" kind of viewpoint. Drop the idea of wanting to lose weight quickly and focus on your attitudes, your reasons and forming healthy habits first. Relax, drop the diet mentality and create an optimal lifestyle. Before we continue, I want to give you a link to a free report on Solid Nutrition for Busy People. Don't let a busy life keep you from ultimate health. Go to, That's Content We usually think of weight loss as purely a physical journey. Eating the right foods and engaging in more exercise.  What's often forgotten is that there's a major psychological component as well. Your habits and attitudes contributed to your weight gain. They also play a significant role in your weight loss efforts. How your attitude affects weight loss Your attitudes aren’t necessarily more important than habits for losing weight. But if you consider your attitude first, it can help you develop healthier habits. We’ll get to that later. How your habits affect weight loss Habits play an extremely important role in sustainable weight loss. The hardest part of weight loss is in the beginning. You need to constantly learn new things, incorporate those things into your lifestyle, and fit them into your schedule. Your weight loss goals must be a priority for you to achieve them. Habit forming separates diets from lifestyle Here are some ways you can form these healthy habits? Creating habits through scheduling Habits are psychological as well as physical. Some habits are formed  when your brain tries to take shortcuts in decision making. Everything that you do is something that your brain needs to think about unless it can create sequences of events. Creating habits through action There’s a much easier way to develop habits and that’s to let your body do all of the work. That’s the physical aspect of habit forming that we mentioned above. Get busy establishing the right attitude today. Find a good reason or several reasons why you want to lose weight and get busy creating healthy habits that will drive you to the results you desire. The more desire you have for losing weight, the more  successful you'll be. --- Send in a voice message:
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Half Size Me
Half Size Me
Heather A. Robertson
Why We Struggle With Starting Weight Loss | HSM 468
In episode 468 of The Half Size Me™ Show, Heather talks with Megan about why you struggle with starting weight loss and how she faced her fear of finding maintenance calories  why it’s so hard to turn around years of dieting behaviors  why comparison doesn’t allow her to keep failing  why it’s important to learn how to track your maintenance  how to track your weight using Happy Scale app  and more! Do you want to get support and connection at a price you can afford? Then check out the Half Size Me Community here: About Half Size Me The Half Size Me™ Show is a weekly podcast. It will inspire and motivate you no matter where you are in your weight loss journey. Whether you're just getting started losing weight or having worked on your health and wellness for years, this show is for you! The Half Size Me Show is hosted by Heather Robertson, who lost 170 pounds over a period of about 5 years. Heather did it by learning new eating habits, getting regular exercise, and changing her mindset. On her popular weekly podcast, The Half Size Me Show, Heather shares her own lessons and struggles with you, and she shows you how to handle the real challenge of any weight loss journey... weight maintenance. Be sure to subscribe to The Half Size Me Show and join Heather every week as she shares information, inspiration, coaching, and conversations with REAL people who've learned weight loss isn't only about losing pounds, it's about finding yourself. Disclaimer: Heather is not a doctor, nurse, or certified health professional. What worked for her or her guests may not work for you. Please talk with your doctor, dietician, or other certified health professionals when seeking advice about your own weight loss or weight maintenance plan. All information included in The Half Size Me™ Podcast and on is for informational and inspirational purposes only. For additional disclaimer information, please visit To contact Heather about the show, please click here to use the contact form.
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Waist Away: The Intermittent Fasting & Weight Loss Podcast
Waist Away: The Intermittent Fasting & Weight Loss Podcast
Chantel Ray
#320 - One Meal And A Tasting Tips - Exclusive Preview!
Welcome back to the podcast! In this must-listen episode, Chantel shares an exclusive preview of the Masterclass video series for her upcoming book, One Meal and a Tasting! Enjoy! Pre-order The Brand New Book, One Meal And A Tasting: The 30-Day Detox Challenge: Product Spotlight: Leave us a review: Share YOUR Story: Check out the VIDEO COURSE here: Check out Young Living right here: Digest Aid: Zinzino: Check out Beauty Counter right here: CLEAN YOUR HANDS With This INCREDIBLE Non-Toxic Hand Soap: Check out the FASTING RESET SUMMIT HERE: Listen to the new audiobook as a podcast HERE: Purchase on Amazon Here: Free Video Preview: Check out these things I LOVE: Strengthen your immune system with Vitamin C: Protein Powder: & Enjoy refreshing, all-natural wine: Enjoy a FREE smoothie recipe book: Re-energize with nutritious algae Energybits: Castor Oil: Foraineam 1 oz bottles: Bekith 3 oz bottles: Get the audiobook & e-book bundle of Chantel's 2nd edition to Waist Away The Chantel Ray Way at a REDUCED price HERE! Connect with us on Social Media: YouTube Channel Link: Like us on Facebook at Things we love: Facebook group: This podcast is a SIMPRONTO MEDIA production. ***As always, this podcast is not designed to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any condition and is for information purposes only. Please consult with your healthcare professional before making any changes to your current lifestyle.***
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UNSTOPPABLE with Kerwin Rae
UNSTOPPABLE with Kerwin Rae
Kerwin Rae
The hidden power of mushrooms | Julian Mitchell | Unstoppable #114
Did you know that mushrooms can change their DNA to make cotton, leather, and even polyester becoming food for them? That penicillin comes from the fungi kingdom? That there’s a phobia to mushrooms and they’re even considered the Earth’s natural internet? These are just some of the amazing facts about mushrooms that Julian Mitchell shared with me in this episode of Unstoppable. Julian is the CEO of Life Cykel, an evolutionary focused mycelium biotechnology company, whose mission is to enable people and the environment to grow healthier with mushrooms. He co-founded Life Cykel with Ryan Creed in 2015 and rapidly grew their business by focusing on producing the highest quality bioavailable full spectrum mushroom liquid extracts as well as some of the highest quality mushroom products. They offer an incredible range of products and services for health and planetary harmony, all consisting of the humble mushroom. They have liquid extracts, mushroom powder, mushroom protein, and even grow kits that give people the opportunity to grow their own mushrooms at home. Life Cykel also works closely with the National Mushroom Network, Mushroom honey, and Beemunity, products that support the immunity of bees. Life Cykel has been featured in a range of media including Channel 9, the Sydney Morning Herald, The Joe Rogan Experience, SBS and Beauticate. Now we have the pleasure of having Julian on Unstoppable, sharing with us his journey as an entrepreneur, from being a physiotherapist to becoming one of the most environmentally conscious mushroom farmers in Australia. Whether you’re a plant enthusiast, an entrepreneur or you’re just a curious soul who would like to learn the secrets of the fungi kingdom, this episode is for you!
53 min
Redefining Strength Fitness Hacks
Redefining Strength Fitness Hacks
Redefining Strength | Cori Lefkowith
FHP303 - Pobody's Nerfect
EVERYONE has doubts, fears, times of insecurity. We all need reassurance at points. Feel down about our progress.  We all have a better and worse. I know it can seem like someone else has all of the answers, never has a moment’s doubt about themselves. But I’m sorry. We’re human. Pobody’s Nerfect. I was musing over this the other day when one of my coaching clients was talking about feeling down about her recent progress. Talking about how she still sees the areas she really wants to change. And I said I totally get it. Cause we were on a zoom call I could see her fascial expression of, “Uh huh.” You will always want to improve something. It’s human nature. Even if you reach the goal you think will make all the difference, even if you really like your results, you’re still going to have better and worse days. You’re still going to have times you wish you could change or improve something. You’re still emotionally human and have those insecurities. Being happy all of the time. Feeling perfect? It just doesn’t exist. I mean we have flaws, some of which make us both amazing and really difficult human beings at the same time. You can just ask Ryan! I think we just have to remember that when we get a bit down about how things are going and start the comparing game. The grass is always greener on the other side. Social media only shows one angle. It’s the scrapbook often. There is always hard work and struggles going on behind the scenes.  Here are 3 tips to help you embrace the process of change, loving your journey but always wanting more: # 1. Just being AWARE. I think admitting to our fears and doubts is key. Recognizing that they are THERE and real. We also need to recognize that with any positive quality comes a dark side. The more you want to strive to improve? The more you’ll get out of life BUT also the more you’ll have to quiet the internal doubts. The internal hater so to speak.  #2: Results will never happen fast enough nor be linear. You’re always going to be tempted to focus on the things that “still aren’t there yet.” You’re always going to feel like someone else got there faster.  #3: Don’t be afraid to admit your own insecurities. Too often we try to hide or bury negative emotions instead of dealing with them. I think sometimes admitting to the doubts and fears helps you face them and work through them. It even helps you change your thought processes behind them. And then remember that sometimes you need to ACT AS IF. Confidence comes from knowing you’re doing what you can. Taking the right actions. Not from being perfect.  And the more you start doing the habits of the person you want to be? The more you FEEL like that person and become that person!
8 min
The PCOS Nutritionist Podcast
The PCOS Nutritionist Podcast
Clare Goodwin
All about Progesterone: why it may be low, why it’s important and how to improve your levels with Dr. Samina Mitha
Long cycles? Anovulatory cycles? Heavy periods? Trouble sleeping in the lead up to your period? Recurrent miscarriages? Spotting? These all have one thing in common - they may be caused by low progesterone. This cheeky little hormone starts to rise in the second half of your cycle and is so so important for your health. Progesterone is very important for so much beyond just your cycle - think bone health, musculoskeletal, immune, reducing inflammation, improving mood and painful, heavy or missing periods. A lot of women with PCOS deal with low progesterone levels - and the annoying side effects that come with that. One of the main reasons is because you MUST ovulate in order to produce progesterone. Your doctor may have tested you on Day 21 of your cycle and said you don’t have anything to worry about or they’ve given you some progestin to use - but there are some pitfalls here.  On today’s episode, I speak with the amazing Dr. Samina Mitha, ND about everything you need to know about Progesterone. We talk through what it is, how its produced, common symptoms of low progesterone, why it’s important for your health, how it may be impacting your PCOS, why ovulation is a big part of this conversation, progestin v micronized progesterone and so much more. If you resonate with any of the symptoms I listed above, this is an episode you need to listen to! *This episode is for you if:* * You have heavy periods * You have painful periods or endometriosis * You get spotting * You have hypothalamic amenorrhea * You have anovulatory cycles * You have insomnia or don’t sleep well leading up to when your period is due * You get bad PMS symptoms * You have long cycles * You have a short luteal phase *Some things we cover in this episode:* * Natural ways to support progesterone * Why progesterone is so important for your overall health and when TTC * Cyclical progesterone therapy * Provera (synthetic/utrogestan) vs. Prometrium (micronized progesterone) * When to test progesterone * Why your doctor may not prescribe micronised progesterone *Resources and References:* * *My Book: Getting Pregnant with PCOS* * *Dr. Samina’s website* * *Dr. Samina’s Instagram* * *Cyclical Progesterone Therapy* * *Dr Jerrilyn Prior* *Links to our programs:* * *The PCOS Protocol* * *Eggducated*
1 hr 7 min
Intermittent Fasting Stories
Intermittent Fasting Stories
Gin Stephens
Nikki Mott
In this episode of Intermittent Fasting Stories, Gin talks to Nikki Mott. Nikki is a stay-at-home mom of two young girls, and her family lives in Huntsville, AL. This episode is brought to you by Green Chef: The #1 Meal Kit for Eating Well. Go to and use code ifstories90 to get $90 off including free shipping! Nikki shares that she began dieting in junior high when her entire family went on a diet program together. Looking back over life, Nikki realizes, “I was always either on or off a diet.”  In 2018, she found IF through carb cycling. She dabbled in it, but was't consistent. She read Delay, Don't Deny in 2019. In May of 2020, after her second pregnancy, Nikki went back to IF. She has lost 20 pounds, has a ton of energy and improved mental clarity, is more active, and no longer needs her afternoon latte! The advice Nikki would give to new IFers: "Be patient. The weight loss may not happen right away. Don't overthink it. It's a lifestyle, not a diet."   Get Gin’s books at, including her New York Times Bestseller, Fast. Feast. Repeat., available wherever you buy books!    Share your intermittent fasting stories with Gin:   Follow Gin on Twitter _@gin_stephens_ Follow Gin on Instagram @GinStephens   Visit Gin’s website at Check out Gin’s Favorite Things at
57 min
Return to YOU after Divorce
Return to YOU after Divorce
Dianah Johnson
How to Let Go of What Life Was "Supposed" to Be
In today's episode I am sharing the three shifts that you can make to let go of the picture of how life was supposed to be so you can focus on your new life after divorce.  If you're grasping to your old life and it's holding you back from creating a life you love, this episode is for you.   BY THE TIME YOU FINISH LISTENING, YOU’LL DISCOVER:  * The reason why our mind resists letting go of how life was supposed to turn out.  Once you understand the role of the mind, it’s easier to change it.     * The one choice that you can make to help you more easily let that picture go and instead focus on creating your new life after divorce.   * What letting go of that picture really means and how to make a choice that works for you, not against you in rebuilding your life after divorce.   I have a special free gift for my Podcast Listeners that you can download at  It is one of my most powerful reprogramming meditations called I AM Enough and it’s my gift to you for listening.  When you finish listening, I'd love to hear your biggest takeaway from today’s episode. Take a screenshot of you listening on your device, share it to your Instagram stories and tag me, @dianah_johnson While you’re there, make sure you follow me on Instagram so you can see behind the scenes of how I help divorced women return to self love, rebuild their independent identity and experience greater peace of mind after divorce.  *Links mentioned in today’s episode: * * *** *Instagram: ***
23 min
Gutsy Health | Nutrition and Medicine
Gutsy Health | Nutrition and Medicine
Juanique and Tristin Roney
Overcoming Emotional Eating with Tricia Nelson
*Show Summary:* *"To heal your hunger, you have to feel some hunger because that hunger informs you of what's going on."* Do you feel defeated because of your Yoyo diet? Do you feel frustrated from preventing yourself from binge eating unhealthy foods, but you still end up feeling guilty after a stressful day? Have you always been disappointed because of overeating? Tricia Nelson, the author of Heal Your Hunger book and a transformational speaker, shares her roller coaster experience in being an emotional eater. She tried many ways like diet, pills, programs, and consulted an eating disorder therapist to find solutions, but unfortunately, nothing worked for her.  She would always go back to her yoyo diet, which broke her hope of finding the real problem. Being focused on food and weight symptoms is not the key because it is just a symptom.  What you have to dive into and deal with are the underlying causes, like the emotional factors. Good thing, Tricia overcame this through the help of her spiritual healer by addressing the real cause of her eating disorder. Her journey has been her inspiration in educating people about food addiction or any health issues where the diet is involved. Listen as she breaks down the common misconceptions about food, emotional, and physical hunger. *Important Links* Gutsy Health Website Provo Health Instagram Heal Your Hunger Website Heal Your Hunger Book  Heal Your Hunger Instagram *Exceptional Highlight:* * “Whatever the health problem, diet plays a major part of getting the problem and then healing the problem.” *  We use food as a form of escape because of worry and stress and fear, we want to numb out. * Feed your body and get used to a regular schedule of eating, so that you have space between the meals.. *Show Highlights: * *What is Tricia’s story?* *Tricia 2:21* * I started out as an emotional eater, I think from the get go like as far back as I can, I remember food was a big highlight for me. *How did she figure out the missing piece to her problem?* *Tricia 5:1* * I was still young. I tried so many things, I'd actually lost some weight. And I was about to go back up the scale again, because that was my habit.  *How did she start to heal her hunger?* *Tricia  24:55* * I did a lot of intense work. After a year or so I was in so much of a better place, and I didn't have the cravings anymore. I was in a thin body and I could handle being in a thin body, feeling worthy of being seen or feeling comfortable. *How does one differentiate between emotional hunger and physical hunger* *Tricia  37:4* * I've been doing this work for over 30 years now and it amazes me as a motivator, like I'll get off a phone call that's really stressful and I’d be like, “I'm hungry”. * And I'll think, “What can I eat?” And then I'll have this conversation with myself. And I'd be like, “Wait, you know, you just had breakfast a couple hours ago. Are you really that hungry?” Support the show (
46 min
Leanne Ward Nutrition
Leanne Ward Nutrition
Leanne Ward
Your Exercise Questions Answered, with Performance Coach, Jacob Falla
Today's episode is part 2 of the 2 part, exercise centric series with Jacob Falla, founding director of Oxidate Performance. If this is the first episode you've tuned in to, I strongly recommend you go back and give the pervious episode (also with Jacob) a listen. While you're at it, take a look at the other 70+ episodes in my back catalouge. Jacob is a performance coach who’s been in the health & fitness industry for 10 years. After spending most of his life as an elite level athlete, he now specialises in athlete development. Jacob has a Bachelor of Sports Coaching and Exercise Science, a Diploma of Sports Development and is a strength and conditioning level 1 coach and personal trainer. Jacob's passion is unlocking people's true potential and helping them to achieve their optimum level of performance. Today’s episode is all about having your exercise centric questions answered by an exercise expert. So sit back, listen up and let Jacob educate you on all things exercise. I hope you enjoy this episode and you can follow Jacob on his Instagram which is @oxidate_performance, his website which is or listen to his own podcast which is called "The High Performers Platform". Please subscribe and leave me a review If you enjoyed this podcast, please tag me and share it in your Instagram stories and leave me a positive rating or review in the purple Apple Podcast app (in the rating & reviews section underneath the episode lists). This really helps my podcast get prioritised by Apple and helps me disseminate evidence based information to the people that need it the most! Don't forget to subscribe to my podcast so you never miss an episode!
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