C. S. W.
SEASON I: Camp Havenside, coming October 29th 2023 . . . I tell you these stories not with my voice, not with my words. But with my blood. _________ HEMOPHOBIA is an anthology horror podcast, telling a new multi-chapter story in each season. Stories of blood, our blood, and all the pain, truth, and horror that blood embodies. Each season is unrelated to one another, and can be listened to in any order. If you enjoy HEMOPHOBIA and want free merch, early access to new episodes, or even a chance at having a mini-episode made based off of you / your nightmares, consider supporting the show on ⁠PATREON⁠, with subscriptions ranging from $3 to $15 a month. Linked here: ⁠http://patreon.com/cswhorror. Follow the show on Twitter @CSW_Horror, join the Facebook page, or visit www.cswhorror.com for all updates.
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