Ep 71: Lack of Motivation? 5 Things You Can Do to Turn it Around
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There are times when we realize that, looking back we see that we really didn’t accomplish much the past year. And now that currently, it’s late November, the end of the year is approaching and I’ve noticed that I’m seeing those end of year conversations on social media.

When December hits, people start talking about January. And January conversations usually include those ‘resolutions’ we think up in order to help us feel good about ourselves. It sort of gives us that warm and fuzzy feeling on the topic of goals and gives us a pseudo impression of moving forward with something.

But resolutions, from my perspective, are only talked about from those that don’t have the drive to just get stuff done on their own. And when you think about it, most (or all) resolutions are sort of shallow anyway, aren’t they?

·      I’m going to lose 5 lbs.

·      I’m going to laugh more

·      I’m going to be a nicer person

·      Go a whole day without checking your email

And don’t get me wrong, usually, these resolutions are good things. I mean, I’ve never heard anyone say ‘I’m going to beat somebody up each day’ as a resolution. But when it comes down to the real value of a resolution…so what?

This is not the stuff that driven people even think about. If you know what you want, then you just do it. You don’t need a resolution statement.

But in the world of small business building, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of someone talking about resolutions. I mean, what would that even sound like anyway? And why?

Because if someone is serious about getting something done, they don’t need to turn their goals into some annual resolution that they wait to announce in January and then forget by February.

But while we’re on the topic of goal setting for the new year, I’m sure that you’ve already got a list of things that still need to be done from that list you made up a couple of years ago…am I right?

Look, we’re all like that. We come up with a long list of goals and good intentions, and I get it, they’re easy to write down on paper, but then the time and motivation for getting that ‘thing’ done is a bit too much to handle, so …it doesn’t get done.

But I’ve found that we can have a tendency to put things off on purpose (even if we won’t admit it) and our dream ends up on the back burner…again. I just did two episodes on the fear of failure and the fear of success and I think that’s got something to do with it as well.

“Tom, maybe next year I’ll have the time. Maybe next year I’ll be able to focus on my dream. Let me just get through these New Years’ resolutions first and then I’ll think about my dream.” 

Friends, this year is last years’ ‘next year’. Remember when you said last year that you were finally going to do something about having a plan to transition out of your demanding job and start a part time side hustle or full time business?

You don’t need to wait until every January 1st to make changes to your life. You have the dream. You know what you want. You just need the internal drive to go after your dream.

And it doesn’t matter what your dream is. There are a million different dreams that people have and want to pursue. Do you want to write a book? I was talking to someone today that said he wants to write a book one day. And I believe he will write a book some day. Why? Because he’s driven toward action and accomplishment. He’s not the kind of person that sits and watches TV all night every night. He has energy and forward motion in a number of areas of his life.

But if someone said to me ‘I want to write a book someday’, but didn’t show any forward motion in their life or show any sign of personal development or accomplishment, I’m going to have a hard time believing what they say when it relates to the topic of discipline and ambition in order to achieve a serious goal.

So if you’re having a hard time being motivated or getting motivated and actually getting things done and moving in a forward direction toward your dream…whatever that is...how do you turn that around? Are you struggling with a lack of motivation? And why does that even happen to people? Why does it seem like some people are just naturally motivated toward action than others? Why do some people have an enormous amount of energy and positive outlook and others…sitting right beside them… or even members of the same family with the same upbringing and influence, just can’t seem to get off the couch and turn the TV off? (you can tell I’m not a fan of watching a lot of TV)

Well, let’s look at some of the reasons people might be de-motivated and then look at some ways on how to get motivated and to become more driven.

Here are 10 types of demotivation and the strategies that will help you find your fire:

1. You're Demotivated by Fear

Now, if you’ve been listening lately, I just covered this topic of ‘The Fear of Failure’ in episode 68. Then, in episode 69, the topic was ‘The Fear of Success’.

When you’re afraid, even if you’re entering territory that you’re comfortable with, a part of you could still be hesitant to go forward. Fear slows you down and makes you hesitant and careful, which can have some benefits, but sometimes your fears are based on your imagination rather than on the facts of what the actual risks are.

How to get motivated again: To get motivated, you need to deal with your fear. Start by stepping out of your comfort zone just a little and see, time after time, that it wasn’t so bad after all. Some of your fears will start to fade away.

2. You're Demotivated by Setting the Wrong Goals

If you’re trying to figure out the small business success plan on your own and sort of just ‘winging it’, you might be spending a lot of time going in the wrong direction. And going in the wrong direction, for any length of time, will feel like a waste of time…and maybe money as well.

How to get motivated again: Take some time to review your goals to make sure you’re on the best path possible. Not sure yet what the best path is? Then ask someone that might have a better answer because they’ve already been down that path before.

Start building a short list of successes that will help you to be more motivated. Celebrate the little wins in your new business journey.

3. You're Demotivated by Lack of Clarity

When you haven’t consciously and clearly defined what you want and how you’re going to get it, your picture of your future will be vague. Our brains like what’s familiar, so we resist what’s unfamiliar and vague and we stay with and re-create what’s familiar to us. That’s why people stay in their ‘comfort zone’ a bit too long. If you’re not clear about the business you want to build, then it makes sense that you’ll lack motivation to build it, because you’d rather stick with what you’re already comfortable with.

How to get motivated again: If you want to create something different from what you’ve been experiencing, it’s not enough to just know what you don’t want. You need to know what you do want, and you need to articulate a clear and specific vision of what you want to create so that you can become familiar with that new outcome and feel comfortable moving toward it. Take some time to really clarify what you want and why you want it and how you’re going to get it.

4. You're Demotivated by Burnout

Sometimes we can put ourselves in a situation where no matter how much we’ve accomplished, we’re trying to get more and more done each day. If you’re feeling tired all the time, you’ve lost your energy for socializing, and taking a nap turned into not being able to get out of bed, then you’ve probably pushed yourself too long and hard and you may be burned out.

How to get motivated again: Sleep. Get it. You need it. Then take a little time off and do something fun. And then when you’re done sleeping and you find that you can focus again, start building sustainable ways to do more of what’s important to you.

5. You're Demotivated By Fuzzy Next Steps

Your end-goal might be nice and clear, but if you haven’t taken time to break it down into smaller goals, you’ll get stuck, confused, and unmotivated when it’s time to take action. Some projects are small and familiar enough that they don’t need a plan, but if you’re often worrying that you don’t know what to do next and you don’t have a clear plan, then this might be the source of your demotivation.

How to get motivated again: If you want to keep your motivation flowing steadily through all stages of your projects, take time to create clear project plans and to schedule your plans into your calendar.

Write down all of the things you’re not clear on doing and turn these into research questions. Sometimes you just can’t do everything yourself and that’s ok… get some help if you need it.

The first part of any planning stage is research, and you’ll find new research questions along the way, so realize in advance that research should be part of your action plan at every stage of your project.

Call for help when your motivation is fading. Having trouble? Ask for help. Email me. Talk to someone that will understand your situation. It doesn’t matter who, just tell them your problems, and talking about it will help. Ask them for advice. Ask them to help you overcome your slump. It works.

Think about the benefits, not the difficulties. One common problem is that we think about how hard something is. Exercise sounds so hard! Just thinking about it makes you tired. But instead of thinking about how hard something is, think about what you will get out of it. The benefits of something will help keep you moving forward.

Squash negative thoughts; replace them with positive ones. As I like to say ‘think about what you’re thinking about’. It’s important to monitor your thoughts. Recognize negative self-talk, or that ‘negative playlist’ you might have running in the background of your brain.

When you’re more aware of that negative thinking playlist, you can be more proactive for being in a more present moment mindset.

The list of benefits we get by living in the present is nearly endless. Scientists are discovering more and more benefits every day. One thing is for certain, I doubt you could do anything for yourself that would be more helpful than adopting a present moment mindset. It’s challenging, but well worth the effort.

Some of the advantages you can enjoy by keeping your mind in the present:

•      Lower blood pressure

•      Enhances sleep

•      Relieves stress

•      Reduces chronic pain

Friends, these are some serious benefits.

But the goal of the Podcast isn’t to just talk about health issues. The goal of the Podcast is to address the issues of starting and launching your online business. But part of that is dealing with mindset issues. And the lack of motivation is definitely one that I keep coming across in my travels and conversations with people.

So if you’re wondering why you seem to be stuck in a rut or just looking back into the past couple of years and not seeing much progress, it could be because you’ve lost your motivation toward progress and pursuing your dreams.

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