EP 30: Vision-Building Block #1-Laying a Strong Foundation to Your Business
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Vision or Dream?

So..What’s the difference between dream and vision? Aren’t they basically the same thing? Dream and vision are not the same thing.

A dream is a more lofty idea you have in your head without a lot of details. I’d like to retire and live in a more southern state where it’s warmer and have a decent retirement income from my business, or the sale of my business. No details. Exciting, but painless.  

A vision is a dream solidified. Take your dream and attach a strategy. Now add the goals and tactics you’ll need to perform the strategy. Now you have a vision. You see, Dreams are nice. But a vision is work. A lot of work.  

What’s the short or long term goal you have for the next year? For the next 5-10 years? Is it even possible to set detailed goals that far out? Well, I think you should. You have to have something to shoot for so you’re not being blown around by the winds of change or shiny object syndrome.  

So… again, what’s your 1 year goal? Is it reachable? Does it stretch your abilities? Or are you playing it safe?

Are you thinking too small? Don’t be afraid to think big and dream big. Big things aren’t accomplished by people that think small. Big things are accomplished by people that think big.  

But you see, it really all depends on what kind of lifestyle you want to have, along with the vision that you have, right?

Are you just out to make as much as you can and the lifestyle or family will just have to get used to it and understand? 

Or are you looking for more of a lifestyle business scenario where you know how you want to live and you’re going to work this new business venture around that? 

You see, it’s one thing to have these great dreams and visions, but execution is the key. Again, dreams are nice, but a vision is hard work. 

Stay encouraged, follow your dream and don't give up!

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