Ep: 24: Three Critical Steps to Gain Clarity for Your New Small Business
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Every day, more people are using the internet to start a side business, full time self employment or create a new revenue stream. There are always problems in the startup process. Issues that crop up that we didn’t expect, in addition to the problems that we did expect. But the solution isn’t more time or money, the solution is more clarity. 

Clarity is power. When you have clarity, you multiply your time because you know exactly what to work on next. When you have clarity, you conserve money because you know exactly where to invest it. When you have clarity, you can work through any issue that comes up and have the motivation to keep going forward without being sidetracked.  

I want to encourage you to be a learner but also a DOER. Action cures fear. 

“Clarity comes with a marriage of movement and meditation.” by Mike Kim

The following is how Mike Kim presented clarity to me and my business. .

STEP 1- Determine Your ‘Why’

Few people or companies can clearly articulate why they do what they do. I’m not talking about making money, everyone has that as their reason ‘why’, but that’s really more of a result than a purpose. 

Why will you get out of bed in the morning? Why will you be doing what you want your new startup business to do? Why will your company exist?

“Knowing your Why is not the only way to be successful, but it is the only way to maintain a lasting success and have a greater blend of innovation and flexibility.“ Simon Sinek

How do you determine your individual Why factor? Do you ‘go with your gut’? 

What, is at the heart of what you should do? The following three questions will help you to gain more clarity. My personal business coach Mike Kim helped me work through these questions:

STEP 2- Determine Your ‘What’

Q1.  What pisses you off? (a little crude, I know, but it gets to the point)

A. This is the injustice you see in the world. 

Q2.  What breaks your heart?

A. This is the compassion you have for people, organizations or causes.

Q3.  What is the big problem you’re trying to solve?

A. This is the niche you need to determine for yourself. 

STEP 3- Determine Your ‘How’

Strategy / Tactics

The two concepts are: strategy vs. tactics. 

The legendary military strategist Sun Tzu said, “Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” 

In a nutshell, strategy is a “how” … not a “what.”

To be the best in your niche is a goal, not a strategy. 

To serve people with honor and integrity is a vision, not a strategy. 

Putting keywords into your blog post to optimize SEO is a tactic, not a strategy overall. 

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