Strange Familiars
Strange Familiars
Jan 16, 2021
Penny Royal - part 2
Play • 1 hr 3 min

We continue our discussion with Nathan Isaac of the Penny Royal podcast. Synchronicity, Kentucky oddities, and more.

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Paranormal Mysteries Podcast
Paranormal Mysteries Podcast
Paranormal Mysteries | Supernatural & Unexplained Stories
#133 | Bigfoot, Dogman & Strange Experiences in the Woods
EPISODE #133 On today’s episode we’ll be talking about A Paranormal Camping Trip, A Dogman-like Creature and much more. PODCAST SOURCE: CONTACT: Email: Website: SUPPORT: Patreon Membership: One-Time Donation: SOURCES: “that_g-eye” on Reddit ( OUR WONDERFUL SUPPORTERS: Trista, Robin, Marjorie, Clyde, Kathy, Brett, Cassandra, Jan, Sarah F, Skyler, Courtney B, Worsenary, Dave, Kortnie W, Juli, Tiffany, Tom, Stephen, Alysa, Mystica, Carley, Kyriakos, Eunecka, Mary, Andrew, Sarah, Angie, Nick, James S, Molybdenum, Mattie, KA, Collin, James P, Chris, Christy, Buster, Michael, Kim, Amanda, Ivonne, Santiago, Angelo, Jordan, Andrea, Colt, Analyssa, Kasey, Sonia, Kadee, Pam, Christina, Seth, Lisa, Kevin, Breeann, Raymond, Florencia, Katie, Arely, Haze, Stella, Lydia, Shannonlee, Karl, Whitney, T.F., Caleb, Kristin, Jess, Kyle, Valerie, Ashley, Sarah, Ruben, Lara, Kristine, Benjamin, Fenway, Evelyn, Luz, Marjolaine, Olga, Abigail, Kirby, Tia, Lucie, Lesley, Laura, Karen, Someone, Nhimo, Lunico, Aaron, Audrey, Lisa, Patricia, David, Tae, Olga, Kat, Eddie, Anonymous BMC Donator, Johnny, Pam, Lobalug, Kaye, Friendly Local Cryptid, Tana, Von, Marijim, Brian, Mark, Warren, Maria, Questt, Danielle, Joshua, Angela, Heather, Christina, Rudy, Jessica, Ruby, Dario, Diana, Kenny, Exie, Lisa, Megan, Nicole, Dougie, Tim, Brannen, Aneesa, Brooke, Barbara, Vedant, Blueroc85, Darla, Luke, Xochitl, Quester, Oliver, Marlene, Alicia, Heidi, Melinda, Nicklas, Deborah, Katherine, Eric, Carlos, Katie, Alex, Julio SOCIAL MEDIA: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:
22 min
Belief Hole | Paranormal, Conspiracy and Other Tasty Thought Snacks
Belief Hole | Paranormal, Conspiracy and Other Tasty Thought Snacks
Belief Hole Podcast
3.2 | Strange Voices, Talking Tricksters and Whispers in the Wood
'Disembodied Voices: true accounts of hidden begins' is a fascinating work by Tim Marczenko, wherein he recovers forgotten lore from private collections and research centers and speaks with witnesses who've encountered anomalous, disembodied voices- some that help, some that haunt, and some that seem to be hunting.. us! We discuss the possible suspects (the Leshi, the Nishi, the Great Pan), the Missing 411 connection and dig into some truly bizarre first hand encounters. Also.. Sylvan Dread, Interdimensional Ping Pong, and Dudes at the Gym TIMESTAMPS 3:30 | Weirdo at the Gym 7:20 | A Phantom Picks the Topic 8:39 | Topic Introduction | Disembodied Voices and Hidden Beings 11:20 | Tim and the Voice in the Forest | STORY 20:43 | Sylvan Dread, the Pan Connection and Missing 411 31:48 | Elaine and the Mouse | STORY 35:50 | Discussion | Interdimensional Feeders, Screen Memories 41:09 | Chris and the Deer 42:30 | Into the Arms of the Octopus 43:08 | Rick and Woody | STORY 47:37 | Tims hunt to name it leads to the Nishi and Missing 411 52:27 | That's Not Your Girlfriend, Micheal! STORY 57:01 | Dark Amusements and Theme Park Ghosts | EXPANSION PREVIEW 1:00:51 | Say My Name | STORY 1:02:05 | Closing Thoughts 1:03:14 | Patron Stinger | Stacy Luukkonen 1:06:29 | New Patrons Thank You's! FULL SHOW NOTES EXPANSION EPISODE Dark Amusements and Theme Park Ghosts
1 hr 15 min
Mysteries and Monsters
Mysteries and Monsters
Mysteries and Monsters: Episode 111 Spook Eats' Amanda Woomer
This week I am joined by Amanda Woomer the power behind Spook Eats.   Amanda is the author of 5 books, including the fabulous "Haunted Atlas of Western New York" which is a fantastic guide to the haunted locations of New York state where you can also tantalise your tastebuds as well as getting your spooky on!   Amanda joins me to discuss her latest project, the Feminine Macabre, a collection of essays, articles and investigations by women from around the world in a new bi-annual collection.   The first edition is due to be released in the Spring, so we look forward to seeing it in print. We also discuss how Amanda got in to the paranormal, the other books in her canon as well as the fabulous collection of first-hand accounts of ghostly encounters at a location close to her heart, "The Ghosts of the Ghostlight Theatre" with all proceeds going to the venue's costs in these difficult times.   It was a pleasure to finally speak with Amanda and hope she returns soon!   Spook Eats can be found here:   Amanda's books can be found here. Thanks Amanda! Our website is now up and running, you can find us here!   Our Patreon is now live, with bonus content, early release of the regular show, articles and monthly prizes for everyone who signs up!   Join here now for the flat fee of $4 a month which is a bargain!   Don't forget, you can now show your support with our Merchandise shop on Redbubble! Check it out here!   We are also now on Vburl - check us out here:    You can join us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well.   You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel!   Email us at with any feedback, guest suggestions or if you'd like to appear.   All artwork by Dean Bestall and the show was produced by Brennan Storr of the Ghost Story Guys.   Mysteries and Monsters is a part of the Straight Up Strange Network.   #ghosts #ghouls #haunted #haunting #SpookEats #TheGhostlightTheatre #ouija #paranormal #investigations #NewYork #USA #York #Disco #TheHauntedAtlasOf WesternNewYork #TheFeminineMacabre
1 hr 13 min
iNTO THE FRAY RADIO - An Encounter with the Abyss that is the Paranormal
iNTO THE FRAY RADIO - An Encounter with the Abyss that is the Paranormal
Shannon LeGro
iTF 279: It Was Only a Nightmare...
Jason had terrifying experiences begin when he was very young. He told himself they were only nightmares until those held within them, began interacting with others in the house. *Want even more iTF content?* Head to ** ( ) and check out the various pledge levels! Besides the interactive live video and bonus audio content? Rewards include...YOUR OWN PRIVATE RSS LINK, (so you can listen to all bonus episodes via your podcatcher) an exclusive Discord channel where we chat everyday, an invite to the secret Facebook group, signed books, and more! ( ) Watch Shannon as the host in, On the Trail of UFOs! Free on *Amazon!* ( ) Shorter encounter? Call it into the iTF Hotline: 702-291-8557. Need more time? Just call back! If you love Bigfoot... pick up, BEYOND THE FRAY: BIGFOOT. ( ) Co-authored with acclaimed and bestselling author, *G. Michael Hopf* ( ) ! It is available NOW on Amazon. It includes some of the chilling accounts you know and love from my show, along with several documented for the first time, anywhere. Get the *Kindle,* ( ) *paperback* ( ) or *audiobook* ( ) version. BEYOND THE FRAY: BIGFOOT 2 is in the works! Email me at to get your encounter(s) included within! ( ) Get your copy and show it off...tag away! And please don't forget to leave a review on Amazon once you're finished. If you'd like a signed and personalized copy, send $19.99 (free shipping within the U.S. only) to * through Paypal* ( ). Be sure to include your address and any specific inscription instructions for your book! *BEYOND THE FRAY: PARAMALGAMATION* ( ) is available on Amazon right now! Geoff and I have also created *BEYOND THE FRAY PUBLISHING* ( ) ! Visit our *website* ( ) for information on getting YOUR book published with us. We focus on topics that fall into the paranormal, cryptid and true crimes genres, both fiction and non-fiction. Find us on *Facebook* ( ) and *Instagram* ( ). Subscribe to iTF on *YouTube* ( ) ! Have a story you’d like to share? Please don’t hesitate to contact me *HERE* ( ) or via email, ** ( ) Follow iTF : Facebook: Join the *interactive group* ( ) and please hit that like, and share button, on the *official iTF page* ( ) Twitter: *Official iTF* ( ) and *Shannon’s personal account* ( ) Shannon's *Instagram* ( ) Various iNTO THE FRAY gear available at ** ( ) Subscribe to iNTO THE FRAY for free in *Spotify* ( ) , *Overcast* ( ) , *iTunes* ( ) *,* *Stitcher* ( ) , *iHeartRadio* ( ) and most ALL other podcatchers. If you enjoy the show, please take a moment to rate and review, as it helps others locate iNTO THE FRAY. That means more encounter stories for you to enjoy! iNTO THE FRAY is proudly part of the *KGRA Radio Network* ( ) , *KPNL Radio* ( ) , and *Midnight.FM* ( ). Check out these fantastic networks and find another great show to add to your list. All artwork and logos by *Mister-Sam Shearon* ( ) Music for this episode of iTF provided with permission by: *Tanek* ( ) & *Electus* ( ) Art for this episode by Anton Semenov aka *GLOOM82* ( ) Advertising Inquiries: Privacy & Opt-Out:
1 hr 39 min
Monsters Among Us Podcast
Monsters Among Us Podcast
Monsters Among Us Podcast
Sn. 10 Ep. 20 - Hometown Legends Part I
Care/of - for 50% off your first order, head to ( ) and use code MONSTERS50 List of Gravity Hills - Gravity Hill visual representation (skip to 2:17) - ( ) Dead Husband in Freezer - ( ) White River Monster - Megalania, Land of Lost Monsters - ( ) Monsterquest, Real Dragons - Abita Mystery House - Floating coffins in Texas - GEORGIA WEREWOLF GIRL - Chelsea, MT Goatman - Small hairy creature seen by Montana police - Browning creature - Montana Werewolf - Flatwoods Lake Monster - Malmstrom Nuke Incident - Cryptonaut Guest Spot - Support this podcast at — Advertising Inquiries: Privacy & Opt-Out:
1 hr 59 min
The Ghost Story Guys
The Ghost Story Guys
The Ghost Story Guys Podcast
Episode 104: The Horny Ghost & Other Listener Stories
It's time for 2021's first volume of listener stories and it is quite the ride, taking us from a rural Texas homestead where a "baby" cries to lure people outside alone, to the titular horny ghost, which may be the greatest story told on this show so far. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll hear the story of Stinky Mike Music on This Episode: Main Theme: "Radio (Into the Darkness We Go)" by Podzontommusic Stories Theme: "The Future Belongs to Them Now" by Hexxagram Bumpers: "Ghost Robots From Mars" by Etienne Roussel Patron Theme: "8 Bit" by Josef Falkonskold "Radio" and "The Future Belongs to Them Now" are used with permission, all other music and sound FX are licensed via Epidemic Sound. Want more show? Come find us on Patreon! We have tiers at the $1, $5, and $10 levels, with rewards like an Patreon-only Ghost Story Guys sticker, early access to episodes, exclusive bonus content, access to our monthly live show, and more! Click on over to to check it out! Grab yourself some Ghost Story Guys merch at our Red Bubble and TeePublic stores! Comment? Suggestion? Story you want to tell? E-mail us at! The Ghost Story Guys are: Brennan Storr - Host, Writer, Producer Paul Bestall - Co-Host Luke Greensmith - Researcher Sarah Kent - Communications Anthony Germaine - Researcher Rachel GW - Facebook admin Pins and signed copies of the guy's books are available at Big Cartel or via e-mail.
1 hr 33 min
Mysterious Radio: Paranormal, UFO & Lore Interviews
Mysterious Radio: Paranormal, UFO & Lore Interviews
Mysterious Radio
Ghosts of GreyStone
My special guest tonight is Clete Keith who's here to discuss the paranormal activity experienced inside one of Beverly Hill's most beautiful mansions. *Wanna listen to the shows without the ads? Become a **'Mysterious Radio Truther'** to enjoy every podcast "AD-FREE" right now!* *Follow us on Instagram **@mysteriousradio** Follow us on Twitter** @mysteriousradio** Follow us on Pinterest **** Like us on Facebook**** Visit our website: *** Clete Keith never had thoughts of writing a book, let alone one on the paranormal. He was not someone totally convinced in the existence of ghosts or spiritual hauntings-until he started working at Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills. After twenty-two years and retirement looming, he woke up one night at three o'clock with the idea of writing a book about all the stories he has heard as well as his own experiences. Ghosts of Greystone - Beverly Hills is not just a collection of ghost stories, but a landmark exposé of eyewitness accounts detailing supernatural activity associated with this extraordinary location. Having been approached by many guests, patrons, and employees over the years, Keith has heard it all. "Two tourists walked up to me and asked how they could get inside the mansion for the tour. When I told them the interior is closed to the public one replied, 'Oh, because we saw a man in period clothing staring out the window and we thought he was part of the tour.'" This marks just one encounter of 237 paranormal stories documented at Greystone Mansion. Keith spent nearly three years interviewing and researching the supernatural activity at the estate. With 86 interviews, including guests of the park, City staff, police officers, movie crew personnel, and janitorial services, Ghosts of Greystone - Beverly Hills promises you a riveting history and ghostly encounters. For more than two decades, the mystery surrounding the strange events taking place in and around Greystone Mansion have been suppressed, ignored, and disbelieved... until now. "From a paranormal perspective, the estate is extremely active," warns author and investigator Clete Keith. "Until now, witnesses to unexplained phenomena have been reluctant to come forward fearing ridicule, as well as accusations that their experiences are nothing more than junk science. I believe it's time to open the lid on this Pandora's Box, one shrouded in secrecy, and finally reveal the mystery inside." Along with rare photographs and intriguing details about the landscape and architecture, Keith delves into the family of Ned and Lucy Doheny, including the fateful murder/suicide on the night of February 16, 1929, and other unfortunate deaths that surround these enigmatic grounds that may have stoked the paranormal fire of activity. "People from all over the world come to visit this iconic location. They want to peek behind the curtain and observe this ghostly estate for themselves. Ghosts of Greystone - Beverly Hills will allow them to do just that."
44 min
The Cryptonaut Podcast
The Cryptonaut Podcast
The Cryptonaut Podcast.
#179: The Imjärvi Elf - Our Strange Skies X The Cryptonaut Podcast
On this, the second collaborative episode between Our Strange Skies and The Cryptonaut Podcast, Rob, Marc and Rob explore the curious and dramatic encounter that a pair of cross-country skiers, Arno Heinonen and Esko Viljo, had in the forests of Imjärvi, Finland in the winter of 1970. The trio then tries to unravel the continued encounters experienced by Arno throughout 1972 and beyond. Help Cancer Tiger ( Dave Storrs ) Kick Out Cancer The Cryptonaut Podcast Patreon: The Cryptonaut Podcast Merch Store: Stay Connected with the Cryptonaut Podcast: Website - Twitter - Facebook - Instagram The first appearance of the case in the May/June 1970 issue of Flying Saucer Review’s World Round-up section. The case gets its first feature length article in the July/August 1970 edition of Flying Saucer Review The case made the cover of the September/October 1970 edition of the Review. In the final issue of that year, the last remaining details of the case are presented. A decade later, in Vol. 26, issue 3 of FSR for 1980, Arno Heinenonen’s continued encounters with ufonauts is documented. Their story is concluded two issues later. The story of Liberato Anibal Quintero, and his escapades with a female alien The graphic novel about Herbert Schimer’s abduction on Comixology Simonton: Knobby Tires on Wet Pavement by John E.L. Tenney
2 hr
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