BreakThrough Radio
Andrew Meyer
How to get your LIFE together Welcome to BreakThrough Radio, a podcast packed with what humans are all about and what we are capable of. An adventure into how we think and how we don’t. Here you will hear conversations with unique individuals who have struggled with and who have succeeded with personal issues, money issues, health, and relationship issues. You will hear personal rants from yours truly and other experts in their fields. Because there is a whole mish-mash of things in our lives which frustrate us and drives us crazy, I will also share a whole lot of other stuff along the way as well. This is an untraditional podcast. It does not follow the standard format of podcasting and for the most part, it is a platform for us to interact. It will introduce you to big ideas and small ones. Ideas that will get you closer to your goals. You will get deep insights into what it means to be human and I’ll share road maps of how we can all get our shit together.
BreakThrough Radio
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