Finding Joy through Plants in a Season of Transition: Reflecting on 2021
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When I think back on this last year, transition is the word that comes to mind. We are literally transitioning into a new year, but I'm sure everyone went through some form of transition this year: a new home, family additions and losses, job changes, and more. And as we grow through those transitions, our plant collection evolves too. I personally went through a tremendous transition this year and my plant collection and plant parent personality completely shifted. These transitions in my plant parenthood brought up a lot for me: feelings of shame, failure, or almost a rigidity to stick with what I used to do. In moving through this transition, I found some really helpful practices and concepts that helped me ebb, flow, and grow that I wanted to share with you today. So, this episode is rather different than our other episodes: it’s highly personal and I get into the nitty-gritty of some behind-the-scenes of this growing business and my life. No ads, no interviews, no guests—just checking in!

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In this episode we learn:

  • [00:56] Why transition is an important conversation today
  • [02:26] How Maria’s plant parent personality and plant collection have changed this year
  • [03:37] What to expect from this year-end episode
  • [05:45] Maria’s questions to YOU, the listener
  • [08:03] How the Bloom and Grow listener community inspires Maria and the podcast
  • [11:00] Why plants improve our lives
  • [11:30] Updates on the Bloom and Grow Radio podcast
  • [13:40] The different transitions Maria went through this year
  • [15:05] Planty practices to find more joy and stillness in your life
  • [15:16] Why you should have your morning coffee with your plants
  • [18:13] The benefits of engaging with plants during the day
  • [20:23] Shifting how you see plant care and your plant number
  • [22:09] Explore your plant curiosity
  • [23:02] Use planty affirmations and some of Maria’s personal examples
  • [25:44] Maria’s big announcement!
  • [30:27] A very special (and secret) snippet

Mentioned in the conversation:

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